This is Sew Amazing!

Have you ever wanted to have a go at making your own clothes or bag?…

Then you will love Nadien Klages Wond’er Worker Workshops! You can have a go at making, upcycling and repairing clothes, and the workshops give you access to sewing machines!

Nadien’s Wond’er Workshops are based in Hackney Wick, you can bring along something you have been meaning to repair, convert, upcycle or start from scratch! She focusses on using natural and sustainable fabrics and helps you find fun ways to repair or restyle preloved clothes.

I took a pattern for an oversized tote bag that I bought from the Pattern Room London that I never got started on at home because it ideally needed making with a sewing machine. Nadien was able to give me guidance on cutting out my upcycled fabric and to teach me how to use the sewing machine.

Bring your sewing project or idea and join my inspiring hands-on Wond’er Worker Workshop for clothes transformation in a beautiful calm atmosphere inside my studio in Hackney Wick“…

On Nadien’s workshops you’ll learn different techniques around the process of upcycling clothes and explore the art of visible mending.

This workshop is intended as a jumping-off point, to just dive in and have a go, and if you need more guidance and support, I’m here.

You’ll come home with a wond’erful unique piece of clothing, a new skill, and a practical repair kit.