Wisdom of Change Oracle Cards

‘Whether you are navigating unwanted circumstances that have happened to you, or if your heart longs for change that you haven’t manifested into your current reality yet, this deck is an invaluable resource…’

I met Wendy the creator of this fun and wise deck early this year when I was on a day retreat. I loved hearing about how she was convinced she was writing a book, her coach at the time insisted on setting up a meet an illustrator.
Wendy was adamant that she had absolutely no need for an illustrator at that time, but the universe knew better. After an initial meeting she was still 100% sure she had no need for an illustrator, but later she realised ‘her book’ was actually transforming into a deck of Oracle cards and in this case she definitely DID need an illustrator! And the Wisdom of Change Oracle Deck was born.

Wendy who works as a personal change specialist says “This deck is very special to me.  It represents 10 years of transformation and the insights I distilled from it.  After a decade of profound personal change and having supported hundreds of women on a similar journey, I created this deck for women in need of some inspired change wisdom.

I’m receiving feedback daily from the women who are using the wisdom of the cards for themselves and/or in their role as a practitioner supporting others. Therapists, coaches, artists, leadership experts, authors, healers and creatives are all finding nuggets of inspiration and sources of wisdom for themselves and others within the deck.

When I received my deck at home it came to my turn to pull a card and I took a few moments to see what searching questions came to the surface. And do you know what I pulled exactly the same card that Wendy had pulled for me the week before! The Mirror, how weird was that!

When I told Wendy she giggled and said “well this deck does has a great sense of humour!” Perhaps I had not fully received the cards message the first time and I needed to pay more attention to its wisdom.

And this week I pulled this card – Go Bigger! Which felt really appropriate and relevant as I have been dithering and holding back on releasing my first online course to the world!

Do you feel drawn or intrigued to try using an oracle deck in your life? Perhaps you already use one. Or are you a coach, therapist, creative or wellness practitioner that might find using them would add extra depth to your work.

I find this deck really fun to use and the little nuggets of insight are perfect because they are playful, fun yet wise. Go to Wendy’s website to find out move about them here and visit her instagram here.