Winter Warmer Soup with Squash, Carrot & Red Miso

Feeling the winter chills?
Try this warming & hearty winter easy soup recipe that I have created for you –  with Squash, Carrot and Red Miso Soup – soul comforting with great Umami taste and a beautiful colour.

To make this Squash, Carrot & Red Miso soup feel like a big warming tummy hug, with a deep yummy taste, I decided to swap out my usual vegetable stock for Red Miso Paste.

Here is why – Red Miso is a natural Probiotic, its rich in good bacterial, soothing for IBS. lactose intolerance, aids better digestion lowers blood pressure and boosts immune, rich in magnesium, Vitamin groups B, K and phosphorus. Prosperous helps with energy production, bones teeth and kidney health!

Red miso is made from soybeans that are fermented for a longer time than soybeans used for White Miso. Red Miso soybeans are usually mixed with barley or other grains. Giving it a deep, rich and flavor.

Squash is such a gorgeous colour and Winter is Squash season! Health wise its rich in Vit A, Minerals, Omegas and Beta-Carotene (giving it the wonderful golden colour!) this makes it a great immune booster and eating it regularly can help support healthy bones, lungs and vision.

Carrots – simple but wonderful. Carrots are rich in heart healthy antioxidants, blood pressure balancing potassium and gut helping fibre. Carrots also have Beta Carotene (same orange colour as Squash) and Vitamin A, known to help with healthy skin and eye sight.


  • 4 average carrots (organic if possible)
  • 1 Onion
  • 2 Cloves Garlic
  • Half a Squash
  • 1 Celery Stick (organic if possible)
  • 3 rounded tsp Red Miso Paste – Or more depending on your taste!
  • 3 Pints good quality water
  • 1 tsp Coconut oil
  • Chopped Fresh Parsley
  • Quarter a mug of Chia Seeds
  • Dear sea salt & Pepper to season
  • Black Nigella Seeds
  • Yoghut


  • Use a stainless steel skillet or ceramic pan
  • Chop all the vegetables roughly (you will blend them up at the end anyway).
  • Start by gently cooking the onions for 2 mins (I used Coconut Oil for its sweetness instead of oil – you can use what you prefer to use).
  • Now add all the other vegetables to the pan and cook on a medium heat until a little soft
  • Add in 3 rounded teaspoons of Red Miso Paste the 3 pints of water and Chia seeds, leave to gently simmer until all vegetables are soft enough to blend.
  • Blend! If you dont have a blender just eat as it is
  • Taste – simply add more Miso paste if your taste requires more.
  • I topped with a spoon of Yoghurt, Chopped Parsley & Black Nigella Seeds, dip in crusty fresh bread & enjoy!

Hearty & warming winter soup recipe of Squash, Carrot and Red Miso Soup – so delicious served with fresh crusty bread, or cube some stale bread and lightly fry in olive oil and salt! ENJOY!


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