White Dead Nettle Tea

This week, I am bringing you a new recipe for you to try. Have you heard of white dead nettle tea? It’s so easy to make and to find!

I’m sure you all know what a nettle looks like. Don’t worry, I won’t be making you pick any of that! Instead, look for a plant that looks just like a nettle, only with white flowers on it, the flowers are small and smell quite sweet – like honey. This is a dead nettle, meaning it does not sting. Collect a few of them, so you have approximately 3 table spoons of little white flowers. Remember to always forage considerately and carefully. If in doubt leave it out! (read more about local urban foraging here)

When you’re at home, boil some water, pick the flowers off and brew! Leave it for about 15mins so all the beneficial ingredients have a chance to soak in. Taste with honey and enjoy! And the benefits? Here they are:

• It has a sedating effect on the nervous system

• Treats mild swelling of the upper airways, so may help ease allergies

• It has great anti inflammatory properties and contains Tannins

• Helps boost kidney function

• Its antispasmodic so can reduce cramps and muscle pain

• Soothe digestion and ease an upset stomach

Use as a tea or gently on skin, especially to help heal burns. Create a healing bath to ease muscle and join aches and calm irritated skin. Take about 3 table spoons of flower and infuse in 500ml boiled water, Strain and add to bath water. Interestingly it can treat unsettled vaginal discharge, it can help re-balance the natural PH

Tea for everyone

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