What are your feet telling you?

Our feet are our roots, our foundation, they carry us, our feet help us to move forward, find stability, take steps, jump, stand up, balance, change direction.

“The foot has 52 bones, thats 1/4 of all the bones in your body. It also has 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments, it’s a wonderful, complex and incredible mechanical achievement.”

Our feet ground us to mother earth, our point of connection to the mighty healing magnet. Connected to our root and sacral chakra.

Common phrases that use feet – Finding your feet, Your best foot forward, feet first, where do you stand? Loosing your footing, cold feet, my feet are killing me! Baby steps, Dip your toe (in the water)

Foot problems are so common these days that we quite often don’t even consider them a problem, we simply stick on a plaster and carry on, seems a bit like how we approach life today! [I read some where they are a ‘Hallmark of our rush culture’]

Corns and callus, these form on areas that bear the most pressure, weight or friction (they form to actually protect the small bones in our feet) then the continuous pressure on them forces the hard area to work its way inside.

This makes me think about it metaphorically – where might you be doing this emotionally? What hardness are you pushing inside, are you neglecting self care hows your level of compassion?

How are your feet feeling? Are they giving you discomfort, do they have to much – pressure, weight, friction, discomfort, constriction, blocked, restriction, out of balance, tender to touch, sudden sharpness if triggered

Bare feet standing on a log Photo by PNW Production: pexels 8981010

Emotional aspects of foot problems

Issues with your feet could be your bodies way of taking to you, are they emotionally signalling to you?

Are you finding it hard moving forward?
Do you feel stuck to the spot?
What are you carrying, what can you put down?
Finding your footing – are you working on change in some area of your life?
Do you feel rooted to the spot or up rooted?
Perhaps you are thinking about moving house or needing to move?
Are your roots nourishing you?
What needs are you neglecting?
Are you living in the past or the future are you avoiding the present moment?

Take the weight off, slow down, ground/earth focus on your self care, are you tuned into your critical is your inner voice, what kinder voice can you hear, try tuning in to that. Let go of what no longer fits you, time to move on to new shoes (places, things)

To help your feet to become strong and healthy it may help to do some visualisation. Visualise your aches, pains, tenderness or hard skin dissolving gently whilst saying these affirmations:

I am safe to – move forward, grow and change
I am safe to – live in the present moment
I am – stepping into my best future

Take the weight off, slow down, ground/earth focus on your self-care

Conscious gentle foot care

Foot Reflexology – Areas of the feet and what parts of the body they connect to:

Ball – connected to your heart in reflexology, are you hardening your heart? Or has someone heart your heart? Can you work on forgiveness?

Toe – difficulty in moving forward, taking the next steps, feeling stuck?

Sole – Lack of grounding, seeking stability, finding your footing?

Side of foot – Lack of support, carrying a lot on your own?

Earthing benefits and essential oils for healthy feet

Natural ways to care for your feet

Earthing – having your bare feet directly on the earth, grass or on a beach!

Make a foot soak with magnesium flakes, or epsom salts

Papaya juice can be massaged on hard skin to soften it

Use a bicarbonate foot soak to soften hard skin

Standing in running natural water or paddling in the sea

Apple cider vinegar & lemon juice can be applied to hard skin

Shoes that do not rub, restrict or cause to much pressure or friction

Essential oils for your feet

Fragonia Essential Oil – Leaves and twigs
Harmony, balance, its very balanced chemically and helps bring your life back into balance, into the present moment. Helps you to establish new patterns and leave old ones outdated ones behind, boosts your immune, soothes tired muscles, anti inflammatory, connect to something greater – celebrate life, unconditional love.

Cypress Essential Oil – Leaves and twigs
Emotional healing, endocrine, thyroid – creativity, detoxing, adrenals, ease sadness, loss grief, anxiety, embrace new paths, career changes, new home, transitions, supports the nervous system, tonic for life, higher information, clarity, expansive transformative

Lemon Essential Oil – Peel
Up lifts and quickly helps raise your energy and vibe, cleaning for body and spaces, ease depression, brings back positive thinking, ease worry and reduce feelings of fear, help you step into personal power, get perspective, be in the here and now.

Ginger Essential Oil – Root
Digestive stimulant, what are you finding it hard to digest in life? Warming, increases circulation, release blockages, ease burn out, aid focus, help with better memory, stronger connection to self, ease loneliness, resignation, penetrating, comforting, nourishing.