Unexpected uses for Super Baby Oil

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Written by Annabel Wyatt

As If you guys need any more convincing with this product eh? But I wanted to share with you, some of the ingenious ways I use my Super Baby Oil and my boy is at school now. I just can’t get enough of the stuff!


My secret beauty supplement – Yup, not much of a secret anymore. I use my Super Baby Oil for pretty much everything, with so many skin loving ingredients and vitamins, why not? I mix a few drops into my night cream to nourish my skin while I sleep. I add a few drops to baths and even my hair conditioner for an added conditioning treat!During my pregnancy and beyond my Super Baby Oil was a great aid for stretch marks and even softening up dry feet ready for flip flop season!


Not just a lady/ baby product – No it’s not just us ladies and babies who get to have all the fun. Super Baby Oil makes for a great post shave oil, an excellent beard and moustache conditioner and even works great on shaven or bald heads in need of some TLC.


Great for kids of all ages – As awesome a baby oil, Super Baby Oil may be for treating dry skin, cradle cap and eczema on tiny ones; as kids get older the uses don’t stop. Try adding a few drops to hair as a de-tangler and frizz fighter, for getting bits of boiled sweets and other stuff out of kid’s hair, using a tiny bit to clear paint/ ink/ temporary tattoos off kid’s skin. The list is endless!

With not your average baby product nappy powder smell, kids will love the amazing scent long into childhood and beyond!

Super Bay Oil uses

An all round beauty secret!


I hope this gives you some ideas as to the numerous uses of Super Baby Oil, with such multipurpose potential, it saves you money on buying other products too! Let us know in the comments if you’ve found any more uses for your Super Baby Oil!


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