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Big Eat In! By Bankuet.

Big Eat In! By Bankuet.

By Jun 26, 2020 0 comment

Hi everyone,

You may have seen in the news that around 7 million adults had reduced portion sizes because of the lack of money. Are you keen to make a difference to people in need but concerned that your money isn’t being used efficiently? Till now, food banks have operated on little to no technology and are over-stretched. Bankuet are here to change that.  Support Bankuet and make a difference!

Bankuet is an organisation that uses technology to get food banks the supplies that they need. They use the donations to buy the supplies for food banks. Using technology, they make sure that none of the donations go to waste. Suzie has been working with Bankuet to help those in need.

“Getting food banks what they need, when they need it. Help us feed more people by giving today.”

Suzie has already cooked (chickpea curry) and donated the cost, I am doing the same this weekend (my plan is pancakes!). It doesn’t need to be an expensive meal, just your ordinary everyday meal.

This is a particularly hard time. The UK is going through the biggest economic challenge since WW2. Let’s all pull together and help each other out.

Stay safe!

Ellie + Suzie

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