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coconut oil

Digestive smoothie

Digestive Pineapple Smoothie

By Feb 29, 2016 0 comment
This super smoothie is not only very good for your digestion it also had great benefits for the skin and immune system. It may also help reduce acidity in the body because it is an alkalising drink, so try this to help soothe you inside, drink yourself healthy! Pineapples had great health benefits are rich in antioxidant vitamin C […]
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coffee salt scrub for dry skin

DIY Coffee & Coconut Scrub

Every morning my partner makes fresh coffee and every morning coffee grinds get thrown out. So I got thinking why the waste? Surely there can be a use for these left overs, so naturally I thought of skincare and hey presto BODY SCRUB! (Coffee grinds are also good for the garden, this will come in a […]
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Oil pulling coconut oil

Oil Pulling

By Apr 09, 2015 0 comment
OIL PULLING is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual dating back 3,000 years which claims to free up the immune system, reduce stress, curtail internal inflammation, and aid well-being. I started oil pulling after hearing about it on a radio program – lots of people were ringing in reporting great improvement to gums & whiter teeth. I […]
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coconut oil

Go Nuts For Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil! For years, coconut oil has had a bad name, lumped in with unhealthy saturated fats. People steered away from it and other high fat foods. The problem with throwing coconut oil in the same category as butter, margarine, and shortening is this oil is far healthier than it appears. The saturated fats in […]
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