Artists Support Pledge – Nicola Sokel

I have been thinking of ways that I can help support friends and other individuals who work for themselves as artists or illustrators and this got me thinking – What if I start to feature artists on my soothe-me postcards! This could be a lovely way to showcase unknown artists, to share their inspiring works with my customers.
So I am starting this idea off with my good friend Nicola Sokel, (her website is we used to lived in a house share together in East London when we both starting out as graphic designers/illustrators back in 1999/2020!! When I saw Nicolas latest painting on instagram during lockdown it really showed how I was feeling so I am really excited to be able to share her work with you and look out for a postcard with it on in your next soothe-me order! #artistsupportpledge

Artist Nicola says – “Lockdown brought me back to painting! I’ve been living a ‘nomadic’ life for quite a few years, still being creative but in different ways (dreamcoat, DJing, etc) as I didn’t have the tools or space to get into much visual work. I had built up a sketchbook full of ideas though. My background is Graphic design and I particularly love creating illustrative texts.
Just before the world went into a COVID spin my laptop broke, totally died. I went up north to stay with my family so that I could work on my Dad’s computer while I was sorting mine out and then lockdown happened. I got a new computer but without the usual design software which I couldn’t afford as all my paid work stopped with the pandemic. Fortunately, I was staying at my sisters, in a big bedroom with a desk and and big bit of wall space and plenty of time!
So I started painting, and absolutely loving it. A few ideas came out fresh and this was one of them. It was my response to the situation we’d found ourselves in and how I didn’t want to buy into the narrative that it had to be a total disaster but could also be an opportunity. And I really didn’t feel that I wanted things to ‘get back to normal’ because the normal we had a LOT of flaws. I believe in our creativity as a species, we have the capacity to change this world, it starts with ourselves, and especially with our belief in that change and the will for it.
Nicola Sokel, Whitley Bay

Grateful artwork banner by Nicola SokelSunflower painting by Nicola Sokel 2020 Different - Art work by Nicola sokel,