Soothe-me Supporting – Little Village

We had such fun making aromatherapy body scrubs from natural sea salt, sugar & coffee grinds!

This fun & free community workshop was held at the lovely space inside Trowbridge Gardens and helped raised money for Little Village

Little Village are based in London and run a baby bank network, collecting, sorting and passing on pre-loved clothes and equipment.  Parents are also supported by our dedicated signposting and guidance team, who offer advice and links to other services. In addition, we work with families to share their stories and campaign to fix the systems that trap them in poverty. Our London hubs are in Camden, Wandsworth, Brent, Hackney and Hounslow.

How you can help

You can help by donating money or simply by donating items directly, they often need muslins and towels as these are not things people think to donate. You can check whats on their latest wish list here

Big thank you to Jinny, Charlotte & Tash I hope you enjoy your yummy scrubs and your donations are greatly appreciated, together we helped raise £60 to help support Little Village.

Little Village supports families with babies and children under five living in poverty across London.  

Little Village
Make your own aromathearpy body scrub, skincare workshop, hackney wick
Happy Body Scrub! Made to help raise money for Little Village, London.