Soothe-Me at the Also Festival 5-7th July 2019

Hello everyone!

This will be a longer, in-depth blog post about Soothe-Me workshops at the Also Festival in Warwickshire.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the Also Festival. Also’s programming encourages experiences without constraints, whether that’s learning how to survive an apocalypse, trying a hand at stand-up, watching a band or sitting down to a three course dinner in the festival’s beautiful dining tent.

Soothe-Me will be organising 3 workshops:

Friday 8pm – Glitter Look Workshop 

Discover your glitter look! Learn how to apply glitter for a festival makeup look. Try out a few different styles, great to do with a friend but also suitable for individuals. We use Earth kind Plastic Free biodegradable glitter and natural gels to fix the glitter, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. If you’re not sure about the difference between our glitter and the “normal” glitter, click here to read my blog post about it.

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Saturday 10am – Mindful Face Mist Workshop Workshop

Discover and explore the world of essential oils on this aromatherapy mist workshop. Learn about what benefits different essential oils have and then using your senses. With Suzie’s expert knowledge you will create a blend you love to make a beautiful mist. This will be your unique bespoke face mist/toner to keep and take away with you.

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Sunday 10.30am – Face Mask Mixology Workshop

An introduction to mixing natural clays and wild-harvested herbal hydrosol waters to make your own bespoke face mask. Clays work to help draw out toxins from the skin and to help boost circulation helping encourage a glowing complexion. In this workshop, you will discover which natural clays will suit your skin type and under Suzie’s expert guidance you will create your own unique mask blend to take home. Then learn how to mix, apply and remove a mask for beautifully rejuvenated naturally healthy skin.

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Glam Up Your Look – Sequins and Vintage Clothes Rail

Glam up your look by hiring clothes from our festival sequins & vintage clothes rail! Clothes will be priced at £5-15, with a refundable deposit of £10-20. So, if you are panicking about what to wear, don’t worry. We’ve got your back! (Yep, your back wearing our wonderful sequinned, colourful capes!) Some of the items will even be for sale. So don’t miss out and visit our stall.



But wait, that isn’t all! If you feel achy from sleeping in your tent, or you just want a proper, deep muscle relaxation, meet Tuanne, our massage therapist.

Massage from Tuanne for only £5

Tuanne, the amazing massage therapist, will be ready to ease out and soothe away any camping neck and back aches with her seated massage from £5, Friday to Sunday. Drop in or find Tuanne in our area to pre-book.





And last but not least, if you fancy a change to your look, stop by Lucy’s Face-Painting Stall.

Lucy’s Face-Painting and Glitter Stall

Lucy is a pro at face painting and she’ll also be doing glitter! With a special session Saturday afternoon to get you ready for Saturday night, make sure you stand out in the crowd. And if there are enough people, Lucy might even run a make your own face bling workshop Sunday morning. This way, you can learn the method and do it yourself, whichever festival you go to in the future. Exciting!



Mobile Earth Kind Glitter & Skincare Shop

We will also have our mobile Earth Kind Glitter & Skincare Shop that will be about all weekend. You’ll be able to pick from a range of hand-creams, face-creams, glitter, face mists, lip-balms and oils. No matter what your skin condition, we’ll advise you and find something that’s just right!

Look out for bright clothing and glittery faces. You’ll know that’s us!



If you have any questions or comments, do let us know. We’ll be delighted to answer any of your queries.

See you there!

Suzie + Ellie

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