Yum Yum Beauty Balm, Lemon SPF10


Beautiful balm, this beauty smells absolutely gorgeous with Lemon essential oil



Yum Yum Vegan Balm! Beautiful multipurpose lip and skin balm with natural mineral SPF10 protection, organic fairtrade Cocoa Butter, incredible Plum Kernel oil and organic olive wax (vegan beeswax alternative).

  • Use me on lips, face, any dry skin patches
  • Smooth and luxurious feel for lips
  • May help prevent or ease cold sores
  • Super essential handbag & travel balm
  • Head-clearing temple balm to help ease headaches
  • Suitable for children, 3 and above
  • Natural Sunscreen protection SPF10 (Titanium Dioxide)

Ingredients: Fairtrade Organic Cocoa butter, Olive Wax, Organic Plum Kernel Oil. Organic Essential oils: Lemon, Titanium Dioxide (natural SPF approx 10SPF)

Size : 15ml in Aluminum Tin 


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