Aromatherapy & Wellbeing Workshops

With burn-out and stress related illness being so prevalent today wellness and quality selfcare is vitally important. Soothe-me create bespoke multi-sensory Aromatherapy workshops and immersive Holistic Wellbeing talks, bespoke for your wellbeing needs. Tailored for your workplace, event, party or festival… chat with Suzie today!




Hold a workshop at your Office, Event, Party or Festival!!

Suzie’s wonderful Aromatherapy & multi-sensory wellbeing workshops are brilliant to offer at your event, party and festival!

Want your staff to feel recharged, get them back in touch with their body-mind, enjoy some creative making (aromatherapy products), to feel their senses come to life! They can learn how to naturally lower symptoms of chronic stress, reduce feelings of overwhelm, bounce back from feeling run down, prevent and reduce burnt out.


Soothe-me holistic workplace wellness programmes provide individuals with deeper insights into selfcare mastery, teaching physical and mental tools, tips and techniques though fun and engaging workshops and talks both online and in person.

Suzie is a Holistic Wellness Coach, qualified in the modalities of Aromatherapy, Acupressure on-site Massage, Chaviti-Thai, Face Yoga & Face massage, she beautifully combines these skills to offer you unique holistic wellness workshops and tailored one-to-one selfcare programs to ignite your healing journey.

You can choose from virtual or in-person workshop, a one-to-one, a group, party or a corporate workshop for your office. Simply book a discovery chat today to talk about your needs.

Suzie creates personal and corporate wellness programmes that reduce chronic stress, burnout and anxiety, designed to boost self esteem, raise energy, and positively shift outlook. Suzie is Dyslexic, ADHD which makes her an intuitive empath, she also works with highly sensitive, neurodiverse children and adults and those with Parkinson’s.

Suzie run workshops at festivals and offers community workshops at her studio space in Trowbridge Gardens in Hackney Wick.