Holistic Skin Therapy Clinic

Are you in need of some skin therapy? Is your skin and nervous system under stress or discomfort?

Now that Spring season is fully underway, nature is coming into beautiful bloom but also releasing pollen! Our yang (upward/heat) energy is rising, but with that so are our allergies and skin reactions like eczema!

To help soothe your skin I am offering 30 minute Skin Therapy Clinic sessions online for £35.

You get a whole 30 minutes of focussed time to talk about whats going on for you and your skin. During your session we will seek to shine more light on whats coming up for you, to start to uncover the emotional root cause of your skin issue, eczema flare up or break out.

After the session, if needed I will formulate bespoke skincare remedies especially for you (note – price of products will be additional). Aromatherapy oils have a accumulative therapeutic value for your wellbeing. With regular use they can improve quality of sleep, this can help with skin healing, strengthen your immune system, help tone and calm your nervous system increasing your body’s resistance to stress.

I look forward to meeting you in clinic!


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