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Skin Calm Cream


Help reduce redness and inflammation in the cheeks, this is a very special cream with herbal extracts of Yarrow & Horse Chestnut Extract for skin conditions like rosacea, with regular use can help reduce redness on the face.



Soothing Skin Calm Cream with yarrow and horse chestnut.

Perfect calming skin cream to calm and soothe sensitive skin, to help naturally reduce redness in cheeks like that caused by Rosacea.

Skin calm cream for sensitive skin on the face, with herbal tinctures that may help reduce inflammation conditions like Rosacea. Packed with calming herbal extracts of Yarrow, Horse Chestnut extract and gentle Organic wild farmed Witch hazel, all rich in anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness and inflammation. A thick treatment cream, use a small amount twice daily on affected area for calming and soothing effect. – I stared to sell this lovely cream back in 2006 to help my mums skin, it was very effective for her so I added it to the range.

  • Soothing, calming with inflammatory ingredients
  • Calms redness in cheeks like rosacea
  • Great for cyclists and outdoor loving/living people
Skin type:
Ok but not ideal (see below)
Baby use:
Not advised

Here (below) meet Aya in her incredible ‘Before & After’ photos that she shared with me after using my Skin Calm Cream for a week. See how the redness in her cheeks is reduced and her skin soothed. 

Rosacea Before and after Skin Calm Cream

DURING PREGNANCY, You could try our Refresh! Face Mist or our ‘lavender bliss’ Spritzer instead.

INGREDIENTS: Achillea millifolium Herb (aromatic water); Hamamelis virginica (aromatic water); Calendula officinalis (infused oil); Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil (Almond); Aesculus hippocastanum Seed (decoction); Glyceryl Stearate SE; Glycerin; Butyrospermun parkii; Cetearyl Alcohol; Oenothera biennis oil; Triticum sativum oil; Tocopherol (Vit E); Leuconostoc (Radish Root); Organic Essential oils of: Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress); Boswellia carterii (Frankinsence); Pelargonium graveolens (Rose Geranium); Citrus limonum (Lemon); Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender); Salvia sclaria (Sage).

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14 reviews for Skin Calm Cream

  1. Hannah H

    Really enjoy this cream. Nice texture, love the smell. Has been helping the redness calm down.

  2. Sam S

    I love this face cream. It’s a beautiful blend of ingredients and it always feels like a treat.

  3. Adam

    Thx so much, the cream is fantastic….:) Adam V, Macedonia

  4. Ben

    Very soothing and nice. It has a nice calming effect. Thanks

  5. Mia

    Miracle product. My hands have the tendency to get really red and burn when they feel like it. I have tried so many creams that didn’t do anything. I bought this and the first time I used it my hands instantly felt better. With regular use over the past month or two my hands look/feel much better. I think the herbal ingredients really soothe and aid in circulation. Also, the cream is a nice thick consistency and the 30 ml jar lasted me awhile. Worked exactly for what i needed it for and the seller is great.

  6. Daniel

    It smells awesome and it works!!

  7. Kathryn

    Really lovely cream, tried it last night and can see a difference, also skin doesn’t feel so tight. Also thanks for the extra gift.

  8. Janice (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. I have tried creams from most of the major brands and spent a great deal of money, only to find that although giving a pleasant feel, really there was no difference in the redness on my cheeks and chin. Somewhat sceptically I tried Soothe-me’s Skin Calm cream and as I hoped it smells and feels wonderful AND it does genuinely reduce redness. I have only been using this for just over a week and there is a definite improvement. I have changed my daily routine to use in conjunction with Orange Boost and Radiant! serum. My skin feels comfortable, soft and hydrated. Plus the ritual of applying these beautifully fragranced products is something to help me unwind at the end of the day, rather than a necessary chore.

    • Suzie Hacker

      Dear Janice, What amazing feedback, I am so happy that soothe-me natural creams have helped you, the improvement should continue as I found when I fist switched to natural skincare, it was like my skin could finally breathe! So happy you are pleased, all the best, Suzie

  9. Lexi

    Nice products. Smell great, wonderful ingredients and packaging. My skin feels wonderful and I’m seeing results after 2 weeks!

  10. Rebecca Fargie

    Love this product. It smells beautiful, feel like I’m at a spa. It’s such a calming product both on the face and in the mind. I wish you did a bigger tub.

  11. Lynn (verified owner)

    Love this creambut to be honest, I love all of the Soothe-me products. It has a beautiful smell and a really nice texture. The products have really made a huge difference to my skin. I used to get very hot cheeks especially in the winter but now my skin is cool and calm. Just amazing.

  12. Heather (verified owner)

    Best product I’ve found for rosacea yet. Takes away my bumps and redness and leaves my skin looking normal. I can’t get enough of this stuff!

  13. Chelle

    This cream is amazing! I suffer from acne rosacea and have been searching for a good natural product for some time now.
    It smells gorgeous and is so kind and gentle on my skin. Inflammation and redness is a massive factor of rosacea and this cream has made some massive improvements.

  14. Lynn

    Love this cream, but to be honest, I love ALL of the Soothe-me products! It has a beautiful smell and a really nice texture. The products have really made a huge difference to my skin. I used to get very hot cheeks especially in the winter but now my skin is cool and calm. Just amazing.

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