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The Body Oils Miniatures – Eco Gift Box


Yin & Yang in one cute eco box! Beautiful & luxurious aromatherapy mini 10ml body/pulse point oils set:  Powerful with Orange & Sandalwood to uplift and invigorate, Mindful with Lavender & Geranium to encourage relaxation – the choice is yours.



You can try the beautiful aromatherapy body oils here in miniature! Perfectly gift wrapped in a eco-card box the two organic 10ml bottles to give you a chance to sample our luxury aromatherapy body oils. Relax with the Mindful oil or energise with the Powerful oil! Perfect to use as pulse point oils to energise or calm mood.

Powerful – Yang!
‘Powerful!’ Luxury aromatherapy Body Oil with immune boosting essential oils, I am spicy, zesty, sunny and warming with Ginger, Orange and Sandalwood. I make a lovely bath oil and massage oil, quickly absorbed and nourishing for the skin.

10ml POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: Organic Sunflower Oil, essential oils: Orange, Ginger, Black Pepper & Sandalwood.

Mindful – Yin!
This calming blend of essential oils with lavender to help you unwind –  with life being so busy is your mindfull? Then use me to help you to be more ‘mindful’ instead!  I am a beautiful organic body oil with soothing Geranium, relaxing Lavender and healing Patchouli and great for dry skin.

10ml MINDFULL INGREDIENTS: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil naturally rich in vitamins A & B, with essential oils: Lavender, Geranium, Benzoin and Patchouli.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE ONE TO TWO TRIMESTERS PREGNANT, you could try our Bump and Boobs oil as an alternative.



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  1. Francis

    What a perfect little gift! The two little oils look so super cute and I LOVE the little eco card box, my friend adored it, thank you.

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