Skincare & Selfcare – Signature Programme


Get the absolute best out of your skincare products and power up your self-care routine!
During your 90 minute session Suzie draws on her years of aromatherapy and holistic therapies expertise to reveal your best skincare combinations.
She will help you to detox and to declutter your skincare cabinet and teach you tailored face massage & face yoga moves and calming breathing techniques.
Empowering you so you feel less stressed, and become more confident with your skincare & self-care. READ MORE BELOW…



Skincare & Selfcare – Your Signature Programme

Suzie will help you to fall in love your skincare routine, and to feel empowered with your self-care practice.

This is for you if…
You are stuck in a negative mindset about your skin
You feel that self-care is a bore and a chore!
You lack confidence in your skincare routine
You want to detox and declutter your skincare cabinet
You desire ‘a healthy glow’ with enjoyable natural techniques!

What you receive:
• 90 minute one-to-one in depth session with Suzie
• Your ‘Programme Report’ with your personalised advice
• Videos of your specific routine, face yoga, massage and stretches
• A recording (video or audio) of your one-to-one session
• A 20 minute follow-up support session with Suzie

What you will learn:
• How to really enjoy self-care and look forward to your skincare routine!
• How best to use, combine and apply your own skincare products.
• Which specific skincare ingredients you should be using.
• A bespoke self-care routine including Breathwork, face massage & face yoga
• How to ‘reset’ your nervous system via your vagus nerve and acupressure points.

Where: Virtually from the comfort of your own home/or in person at my studio in Hackney Wick
When: At a time that suits you, can be evenings or a Saturday

Did you know…
Regular face massage can improve your mood and energy as it reduces physical & mental stress, eases Jaw tension, reduces headaches and for the skin it replenishes collagen production – eases fine lines, moves lymph so reduces puffiness and will improve overall skin tone – leaving you glowing feeling blissfully relaxed.

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