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Powerful – Body & Bath Oil


Energising aromatherapy body oil with uplifting Orange, healing Sandalwood, immune boosting Ginger & Black Pepper.  Perfect to help lift mood, ease muscle aches and help enhance circulation especially in the colder months.



POWERFUL! Body & Bath Oil (YANG)

This artisan aromatherapy body oil is wonderfully uplifting, zesty, warming and energising with Orange, Sandalwood, Ginger & Black Pepper, in an organic cold pressed Sunflower oil base.

Use as a body oil after exercise to ease muscle aches, massage over tummy to help aid digestion, can help improve circulation in the colder months. BLOG POST HERE

  • Ease muscle aches by massaging into muscles before and after exercise
  • Massage oil benefits digestion by massaging clockwise into tummy
  • Ginger and black pepper essential oil stimulate the body, boosting immune system
  • Mix 2 cap-fulls in a 20ml of milk and add to bath water so it disperses
Skin type:
Not for use if you have high blood pressure
Not advised
Baby & Child:
Suitable for Children over 12yrs

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, essential oils: Orange, Ginger, Black Pepper & Sandalwood.

With an Especially illustrated label design by artist Vera Howard as part of a soothe-me collaboration to support the artists pledge 2020/21

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100ml, 10ml

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  1. Amanda

    When I smelt this oil it blew my mind, I use this as a fragrance oil as well as a body moisturiser, I receive lots of lovely comments on how good I smell, soothe-me I love your products!

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