Natural Bristle Brush for face brushing or babies head brush


Wooden handle brush with natural bristle

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Natural bristle brush with wooden handle, ideal for skin brush facials or babies hair/head brushing to ease cradle cap. Watch our dry skin brushing for facial exfoliation routine

  • Small hand held wooded baby brush, also for face exfoliation (adults!)
  • Slow gentle brushing of front to back of  your babies head can calm baby
  • Tones skin and underlying scalp muscles and relieves tension
  • Gentle regular brushing can help ease cradle cap
  • Medium/soft bristles, to soften further wash a few times
  • Made from sustainable wood and natural goat hair fibres
  • ALSO great for a facial brushing beauty routine

Customer review:
I love my purchase, the brush is beautiful thank you!!!” Thea, New York

Wooden brush for face brushing beauty routine

Face brushing beauty routine with a circular l wooden brush