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Buteyko Breathing Method


Your nose is amazing! Learn how to breathe better, to soothe your nervous system, for optimal vitality.

Gentle re-education of dysfunctional and sub-optimal breathing patterns using the Buteyko Method.

Are you or your child a mouth breather? Many of us are unknowingly mouth breathers! This simple thing can be the root cause of regular fatigue, shortness of breath (especially when talking) dry cough, repetitive throat conditions, weak teeth, anxiety, rhinitis, asthma, insomnia and sleep apnea.



Harness the power of your nose! Gain the Oxygen advantage  – Breathe optimally for better energy, sleep and vitality, by learning the Buteyko Nasal Breathing Method.

The way you breathe is the foundation of your whole health. Breathing well (through the nose) can really enhance your energy, sleep, hormonal balance, digestion & lowers inflammation.

Breathing through your nose connects to your smell sense, the limbic brain, encourages better brain function, improved memory recall and set down, it also enhances your spacial awareness.

Your incredible nose filters and warms the air for your lungs, inside your nose is produced a helpful & healing gas – nitric oxide, this plays a role in maintaining healthy lung function and may help protect from respiratory infections. Nitric oxide also helps reduce infections by inactivating viruses in our nose preventing them activate in the body.

Nose breathing can help with:                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Low Energy: Constant fatigue, brain fog, dry skin issues from dehydration
  • Respiratory: asthma, rhinitis, hay-fever, regular sore throats, waking with a dry cough
  • Neurological: Reduces anxiety, stress levels and panic attacks
  • Sleep disordered breathing: insomnia, snoring, central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea
  • Childhood development: dental health, cranio-facial development and focus disorders like ADHD

This functional breathing course is suitable for:
Adults and children they take place virtually over zoom daytimes and evenings

Suzie trained and is certified in Buteyko breathing method with Buteykoclinic, Oxygen Advantage, with Patrick McKeown

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Session Types

One to One 1 x 60min Lesson, One to One 5 x 60min Lessons, Group Course – 4 x 40min Lessons

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  1. Alex Bowness

    This course helped me so much address some long term problems. I am a habitual mouth breather with an anxiety disorder and sleep apnea. The exercises that Suzie have helped to train me to breath correctly (slow breaths through my nose using all my lung capacity). There are so many physical health benefits and for me another major goal was helping with anxiety. Suzie was able to listen to my issues and tailer the sessions to my individual needs. She was patient and put me at ease. Suzie has lots of other wellbeing knowledge which she can bring into the conversation when required making this a holistic process that I don’t think other Buteyko practitioners could offer.

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