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Face Hydrosol Mist ‘Lavender Bliss’ – Lavender & Geranium,


This beautiful hydrosol mist is soothing for the skin and calming for the nervous system. Packed in special Dark Violet Glass to enhance potency & preserve quality.
“These precious healing waters can be used on the skin and can be taken internally to help balance hormones and ease anxiety” Joe of Avicenna Herbs



Soothe & calm skin and mind, reduce inflammation, ease heat – this pure natural floral hydrosol face mist delivers oil-free hydration for your skin and a calming scent of Lavender & Geranium

Perfect for combination and sensitive skin can also help soothe inflamed skin conditions like Rosacea, may also help with hormonal skin times too, this 100% pure beautiful natural hydrosol of Lavender & Geranium stored in special dark violet glass to help preserve quality and enhance potency. A light herby floral fragrance to calm & balance this gentle leave on toner is refreshing with skin oil balancing properties. Use as a daily skin spritz to wake us your skin first thing in the morning and as a skin rejuvenation treatment toner after cleansing at night.

  • I help balance skin’s PH to its optimum
  • Hydrating and soothing for dry to irritated skin
  • Oil free, can be used over make up thought out the day as a light moisturiser
  • Helps care for and to treat skin in air conditioned environments
  • Balancing Geranium and soothing Lavender for clear skin
  • I help relieve and heal skin imperfections
  • Calm and ease heat rash/hot flushes
  • Beautiful skin toner to cleanse off the day
  • I can also be taken internally to help balance mind and hormones
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Contains 100% pure high grade Organic Geranium & Lavender water which is formed as a by product of the essential oil making process. Naturally Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E.

Available in 2 sizes – large 100ml in dark violet glass and mini travel 10ml amber glass (pictured below)

Mini lavender face mist


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100ml, 10ml

3 reviews for Face Hydrosol Mist ‘Lavender Bliss’ – Lavender & Geranium,

  1. Katherine

    Total refreshment in a spray, one spritz with this will refresh your mind and your skin! I have a new baby so sleep is a rare treat, this spritzer is so helping my skin to cope.

  2. Lisa S

    I love the ‘Balancing Act Mist’ and the ‘Brilliant’ serum for acne prone skin
    they have really healed my skin and made a massive difference I’m 19 years old and until I found this range I suffered terribly, thank you soothe me 🙂

  3. Lynn (verified owner)

    Beautiful refreshing spray. Smells lovely and really does cool and calm my skin down. Absolutely love this.

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