Root Cause Consultation 1hr


Are you in need of a recharge for your body, mind and soul?

Taking a holistic view point, combining Root Cause Practice and Somatic Techniques with Aromatherapy, Suzie will meet you at an emotional, physical and energetic level. Looking into any symptoms, as they hold the key to your bodies real needs.

These sessions give you the opportunity to gently reconnect, reframe and uncover a new way of being – helping you to begin to find your way back home, to feel truly cared for. Nurture your nervous system to grow optimism and self-faith, create joy for your future




Root Cause Practice Consultation

Are you struggling with a skin issue, specific symptoms or health issue, perhaps you have been simply been given a diagnosis and sent away with some pills and that does not feel right to you?

During your Root Cause Consultation we take a holistic viewpoint, looking at the whole picture, at everything thats going on in your life.
We explore whats coming up for you and gently start to uncover your bodies messages hidden within.
Symptoms can hold the key to your bodies real needs, they reveal what support your nervous system needs.

Suzie combines Root Cause Practice with Somatic Techniques and Aromatherapy to help reframe, bring positive change and healing at an emotional, physical and energetic level.

Specialising in supporting body, mind & emotions during times of change especially helpful for peri-menopause, menopause.
Using evidence based Aromatherapy, proven to help heal from chronic stress related issues like – Burnout, immune health, hormone health, skin health, insomnia/sleep, depression, constant anxiety, headaches, muscle tension, restlessness, IBS symptoms and more.

‘Aroma-therapy’ is a wonderful multi-sensory remedy, essential oils connect directly to our limbic brain, immediately soothing the nervous system. Gentle yet powerful way to re-balance and improve physical, emotional and energetic health.

This consultation will…

…enable you to better understand and listen to your body, to find more vitality, to be able to properly rest and repair at a cellular level. Recharge your body, mind and soul, uncover a new way of being, to see things from a different perspective – reframe, release and access inner wisdom to enable deep healing.

60 min Consultations over Skype & recording provided
(Note 1 x tailored aromatherapy remedy included)

About Suzie

Suzie is a holistic wellbeing practitioner, Aromatherapy & Massage Therapist, with previous experience as creative designer with a BA degree in Information design. Drawing on her own experience of burnout and living with Dyslexia & ADHD Suzie works with creatives, entrepreneurs, women and teens to help them to understand their body – mind connection. Using somatic practices, guided compassionate self enquiry, visualisation, optimal breathing techniques and intuitive aromatherapy, to help you move from living only in your head, to anchor back into trusting your bodies intelligence. Enhance your connection to self, and uncover your true inner wisdom.

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1 review for Root Cause Consultation 1hr

  1. Vivienne

    This was simply amazing, I did not know what to expect, but it turned out it was my chance to talk about how I was feeling, I could voice what I was finding difficult about my selfcare & skin then with Suzie’s help I uncovered what I most needed support with. Suzie listened and took many notes, after the wellbeing consultation, I felt so much lighter and so excited to receive my bespoke product, it was a wellbeing masterclass with soul therapy! Do it you will LOVE IT” Thank you so much, Vivienne

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