Aromatherapy Alchemy Essential Oils – Mini Kit


Unique, Awesome & Cute, Handmade to order!  Aromatherapy oils mini kit for curious beginners in a beautiful eco box – Contains 9 x 2ml pure high quality essential oils and intuitive illustrated learning guide. Includes FREE UK TRACKED SHIPPING



Handmade to order – Aromatherapy Alchemy – Essential Oils Mini Kit for the Curious Beginner.

This stunning little box contains Nine incredible essential oils – 3 Top notes, 3 Middle notes, 3 Base notes and intuitive illustrated learning guide. With FREE UK Tracked Shipping.


This beautiful kit is your little Aromatherapy ‘School of Smells’ smelling kit in a box, containing my specially selected nine essential oils. It’s designed to be your ‘Aromatherapy hit’ administering kit!

This kit gives you the opportunity to intuitively learn about these essential oils though your smell sense and emotions.
It will help you train your nose to recognise a Top, Middle and a Base scent note and understand when to use them.
And it includes an illustrated learning guide to help you understand the energetics, emotional qualities and wellness benefits of each oil and its note category. 

Essential oils are awesome because…
> They are powerful plant extracts – they are the soul essence of the plant!
Essential oils act on the body and brain by entering our blood steam
> They
affect the receptors in our brain, limbic system, our circulatory, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems.
> They are a holistic aromatic medicine – preventive healing, reducing risk of pathogens, help us be more resistant to illness and stress, aiding a quicker recovery.
> Essential Oils work to re-balance whatever state your body is in, if your body is in good balance there is minimal reaction.

The Nine oils in the box are
• Orange
• Petitgrain
• Peppermint
• Clary Sage
• Geranium
• Lavender
• Ylang Ylang
• Frankincense
• Vetiver 

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10ml, 30ml


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