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Dry Skin Fix Cream


Dry hands? Dry skin? This is a rich natural cream created to help nourish, moisturise and protect your skin especially very sensitive skin. Fairtrade organic shea oil, almond and beautiful vitamin C rich sea buckthorn oil.
Free from essential oils, suitable for sensitive skin and for children. Natural healthy alternative to thick paraffin based creams that can block skin’s natural function. Packed in plastic free packaging Natural, organic cream for eczema 100% FREE from Parabens and Petrochemicals



Dry Skin Fix Cream – I originally created to help soothe my sons eczema.

With moisturising and protecting Shea and Almond oil both rich in fatty acids that are proven to promote new skin cell growth. Healing Rose hydrosol Water and Sea Buckthorn used to heal radiation scars. The Dry Skin Fix cream has a rich thick texture makes it perfect for dry hands, or patches of dry skin like eczema this is a naturally rich moisturising cream free from essential oil.

Small batch made with only pure natural ingredients of Almond oil, Shea butter, Plum kernel oil, Sea buckthorn oil, all to help heal very dry skin and conditions like eczema.

  • Natural plant based and FREE FROM paraffin/petroleum based oils
  • A natural alternative to Aqueous type creams that block skin and prevent skin working
  • Can help to repair and bring dry skin conditions like eczema under control
  • Helps ease dry skin during chemotherapy/radiation and breast cancer treatment

    For our eczema tips and advice visit our blog here

Skin type:
Very dry, eczema, cancer recovery

MY INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Prunus amygdalus dulcis Oil (Sweet Almond oil); Glycerin (vegetable); Organic Aromatic water of Rose Damacena, Organic oils of: Fairtrade Shea butter, Plum kernel, Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn, Glyceryl stearate (natural emulsifier); Cetearyl alcohol (natural fatty alcohol need by skin); Tocopherol (vitamin E); Sodium Carbomer (natural emulsifier; Benzyl Alcohol (naturally occurring and synthetic ingredient ); Potassium Sorbate (mild food grade preservative). 

Designed by Suzie of soothe-me especially for her own son to naturally help his eczema and dry skin.

eczema cream for children

Dry Skin Fix Cream

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100ml, 15ml, 5ml

11 reviews for Dry Skin Fix Cream

  1. Jia

    I found out about the Dry Skin Fix cream from taking baby massage classes with Suzie. My baby had infant eczema and I did not want to use steroids. Suzie gave me a free sample to try on Clara.

    This cream is so good, I leave quite a thick layer on baby Clara’s skin when she is sleeping in my arms. It dissolves and gets absorbed so well its like the cream can vanish into nothing.
    Jia, London

  2. Sue

    Your Dry Skin Fix cream and Super Baby oil worked on my daughter. As soon as I stopped using them the eczema returned so using them is a must. Sue, South Oxfordshire

  3. Kate

    This cream is a bit marvelous!
    Having tried all kinds of synthetic and paraffin based creams from the GP on my son’s dry eczema before this i nearly gave up hope. I am so glad I went down the natural route because this cream works like magic.

  4. Sophie

    Thank you so much for dropping your products round. The Dry Skin Fix & the Super Baby Oil have worked their magic and Max’s skin is nearly all clear! Such a relief. There are a few marks from the worst patches, but I assume this will just take time as the skin heals itself.

    Thanks again Sophie & Max

  5. Alice

    I suffer from eczema on the backs of my legs and this cream works a charm! Super thick and creamy, stops them itching almost as soon as I apply it.

  6. Simmona

    Dear Suzie,
    Firstly, The cream is amazing, my daughters skin although still with flares up (we are treating her with homeopathy now) is as soft as before the eczema. I am so grateful, thank you so much.

  7. Nadir

    Thank you . The cream has worked brilliantly from day one.

  8. Niki

    Hi Suzie,

    Been meaning to email you for a while because your cream has worked an absolute treat and Jake is over the moon. He works outside with children at an adventure playground so his hands take a right old beating which I think is part of the problem and they are so much better since he has been using the cream. He will definitely be in touch for more as will I.

    Thanks so so much and for letting me pick it up

  9. Sophie (verified owner)

    My son was top to toe with eczema until Suzie helped us with her expert advice and creams. The eczema disappeared completely, and we just use occasionally now if he has little flare ups. The cream makes the skin better over night- incredible.

  10. Suzie Hacker

    “Dear Suzie,

    Your Dry Skin Fix continues to make my condition, which worsens over the winter months, bearable.
    Thank you very much for your conscientious email updates, the thoughtful explanation which sometimes accompanies a batch, and of course the cream itself.

  11. Janet

    My husband likes it better than anything else he’s used. Would it be possible to get an alert when it’s back in stock, please?
    Thank you.

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