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For groups – Developmental Baby Massage 4 x sessions


Group booking – Developmental Baby Massage 4 x Sessions

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This entitles you to the 4 x session course of Developmental Baby Massage taught to you as part of a group. The sessions can take place Suzies home E3 – TBC
You will receive a mini Super Baby Oil along with copy of the baby massage routine when you start the course. Babies can come from 6 weeks onwards. Dates and times will be as arranged with your group.

Customers say…
“Since doing the course Baby James now enjoys a daily massage during nappy-off  time. Many of our friends & family have looked on jealously & commented that theyd love the same treatment to get them in the mood for sleep!

“Amazing one to one with your baby. He was so relax after the massage! It is great to learn how to make a proper baby massage and to get things right. Thanks so much!” Marielle 

“I would thoroughly recommend this to any carer of a small baby”
Rebecca & James

“Baby massage with Suzie is the most fun and beneficial class we do.
The choices of tea and posh biscuits are an extra treat!”
Katie & Henry

6 reviews for For groups – Developmental Baby Massage 4 x sessions

  1. Katherine

    Baby Tess & I got so much out of Suzie’s baby massage course. The time we spent doing massage felt like a tranquil escape from the rest of hectic London life! We learnt as a group in a relaxed and friendly environment but there was also time to ask individual questions at any point and Suzie always made sure each individual baby was considered. A wonderful way to learn about baby massage!

  2. Jo

    Baby Henry and I attended Suzie’s baby massage class. It was a lovely treat that we both looked forward to each week. The environment was lovely and the individual attention was great. The style of massage Suzie taught gave a nice balance between soothing and energising, which Henry really enjoys! I’m continuing to practise on him each day and I think we’ll both continue to get lots of enjoyment from this.

  3. Lydia & Maggie

    My daughter Maggie and I loved Suzie’s massage course. Suzie was always so welcoming and hospitable. Her massage techniques were fab and Maggie loved them all.
    Suzie’s knowledge of massage was incredibly detailed.
    I love massaging Maggie after her bath every night, she becomes very calm and relaxed and particularly enjoys ‘1 tired, 2 tired, 3 tired baby’ – I thoroughly recommend this course.
    The oil used on the course (that Suzie makes herself!) is lovely, so much so that i bought a bottle at the end of the course and intend on buying more when it runs out.
    Thank you so much Suzie!

  4. Caroline & Rex (verified owner)

    We absolutely loved doing baby massage with Susie – such fun whilst we were there and so much we could use at home! Rex still loves the swing move!! We also did chair massage with Susie which was a wonderful treat !!

  5. Eleni (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed the class and have put it into practice at home quite a bit now. I can tell he really enjoys it and some moves definitely calm him down when he has a sore tummy. As he grows he seems to get more out of different moves as well, which is fun. The Soothe-Me oil is lovely and gentle (smells good too!) and so it’s become my staple gift for new mums!

  6. Amy and Felix (verified owner)

    Baby massage was brilliant. Very practical, lots of repetition (helpful when you’re sleep deprived) and easy to put into practice at home. Felix enjoyed the classes – always smiled throughout and slept much better that evening! I often use the techniques to calm him or to help with digestion and he definitely enjoys it. Thank you Suzie for all the tips – and for letting us outstay our welcome with tea and delicious biscuits! Oh and I love the oil, good for both mum and baby 🙂

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