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Bespoke Aromatherapy Mist Service


Bespoke Aromatherapy face mist service to create a beautiful and unique gift (or treat for yourself!) "</p



Bespoke Customised Aromatherapy mist service

What would you like your bespoke mist to be for? Hydrating your skin, calming your mood or to reduce frizz on dry hair?!

Access Suzie’s holistic aromatherapy expertise – to create the perfect mist for your needs Suzie will arrange a mini consultation with you. During this she will find out your skin’s specific needs to enable her to then create your bespoke Aromatherapy mist.

The mist will be especially formulated from organic and wild farmed hydrosol waters, herbal tinctures, botanical extracts and essential oils. It will come in a beautiful eco glass bottle with a spray top. Its label will be created bespoke for you.

How this works

  1. Place your order and Suzie will contact you
  2. Suzie will then formulate and create your bespoke Face Mist
  3. Suzie will send you a photo of your mist once it’s created
  4. Your mist will then be gift wrapped and posted for you.

What you receive

  • Your own special unique hydrosol face mist (100ml glass mist bottle) that you can reorder at a reduced price the second time as your formula will be stored for you.

How to use your mist

  • Use to gently hydrate skin throughout the day
  • To lift and balance mood
  • Can help soothe tired eyes
  • Mist before you apply a face oil for deeper skin hydration
  • Helps reduce stress of skin by rebalancing natural PH5.5 of the skin

Good to know

  • When you want reorder your bespoke mist it will only be £25
  • Simply contact Suzie to place a reorder
  • Your bespoke formula is stored for you

Additional information


Bespoke Aromathearpy Mist – First Order, Reorder Bespoke Mist – £25

3 reviews for Bespoke Aromatherapy Mist Service

  1. Maria

    Oh my gosh. Just adore my mist, it smells incredible, I am addicted and I LOVE using it when my face feels fried from to much screen time. I learnt so much about my skin through the consultation with Suzie. I will be coming back for a refill!

  2. Emily

    Such a unique and lovely gift I gifted this to my sister for her birthday, it looked so special and gorgeous with her name on the label. She found the consultation so fun and insightful. Thank you Suzie

  3. Gail

    My happy hair & skin mist smells amazing! and I’m enjoying your tip of having Tumeric tea every day thank you for the herbal wisdom! X

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