Customised Aromatherapy Face Mist


Would you like help knowing what clays will be best for your skin?  Or want to super power your clay beauty mask? Then you can CUSTOMISE your own mask! You will have a mini consultation with me to discuss your skin, together we then create your special customised mask from pure plant based sustainable ingredients for your unique skin. 

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Customise your own Aromatherapy face mist! A perfect gift idea or treat yourself!

Are you looking for help with your skin but not sure which hydrosol face mist is right for you? Gain access to Suzie’s Expertise with a mini consultation – She will find out your skin’s specific needs and create a unique hydrosol mist bespoke for it. Hand crafted from pure organic and wild farmed botanical hydrosol waters, herbal tinctures and essential oils. Comes in eco plastic free packaging with your own name on the label.

How it works

  1. You place and pay for your order.
  2. I then get in touch with you for a brief one-to-one consultation (via email or phone).
  3. Once I have your requirements I will create the Face Mist (allow min 3 days).
  4. I will send you a photo of your mist then ship it to you with its bespoke made label.

What you receive

  • Your own special unique hydrosol face mist (100ml glass mist bottle)

How to use

  • Use when required to hydrate skin, lift mood and ease tired eyes
  • Mist before you apply a face oil for deeper skin hydration
  • Great to ease heat rash and to use to cool you down
  • Helps reduce stress of skin by rebalancing natural PH5.5 of the skin


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