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Bespoke Aromatherapy Body Oil Service


Bespoke Aromatherapy Body Oil formulation service to create a beautiful and unique gift (or treat for yourself!) "</p



Bespoke Customised Aromatherapy Body Oil

What would you like your bespoke body oil to be for? Helping to soothe you to sleep, balancing your mood, for beautifully soft skin, to help calm restless legs?

This is your way to access Suzie’s holistic aromatherapy expertise – though this service Suzie will create you a unique formula for the perfect body oil for your needs. Suzie will arrange a mini consultation with you (by email or phone), during this she will find out your energetic, emotional and skin’s specific needs to enable her to create your bespoke body oil.

The body oil will be especially formulated from organic and cold pressed base and essential oils. It will come in a beautiful eco glass bottle with a spray top. Its label will be created bespoke for you. (When you want to reorder you will only pay for the Body Oil and not the formulation again).

How this works

  1. You place your order Suzie will then contact you
  2. Suzie will then formulate and create your bespoke Body Oil (allow min 4 working days).
  3. Suzie will send you a photo of your Body Oil once it’s created
  4. Your Body Oil will then be gift wrapped (if required) and posted for you.

What you receive

  • Your own special unique aromatherapy body oil (100ml glass bottle)

Good to know

  • Your bespoke formula is stored for you
  • You can re-order your bespoke body oil for £25

Additional information


Bespoke Body Oil – First Order, Bespoke Repeat Order £25

1 review for Bespoke Aromatherapy Body Oil Service

  1. Chel

    The Body oil is so PERFCT, I cant stop smelling it, the scent just incredible and it makes my skin feel so lustrous, its such a treat to use it. Thank you

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