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Aromatherapy Consultation for Children & Teens – 40mins


Suzie is an certified aromatherapist who specialises in using Aromatherapy to help support your child’s health and wellbeing
Aromatherapy is a gentle and effective way to help support your child’s emotional, physical and energetic wellbeing.

Working with essentials oils can be really supportive during difficult phases, like when moving home, to ease night terrors, anxiety when starting or changing school & exam worries, pressure from peers. Essential oils can also help heal skin problems and support with recovery from illness and viruses like chickenpox or glandular fever. READ MORE BELOW…




Aromatherapy for Children & Teens

Help support your child’s physical, emotional & hormonal wellbeing.

You are in the right place if your child is struggling with particular issues or symptoms…
Your child is over worried, has regular anxiety, sleep disturbance like night terrors, is quite often restless,  finds difficulty with focus. Or they are struggling with teen hormones resulting in skin issues that are causing stress or low self worth.

Children really respond well to essential oils and having their own bespoke remedy can make them feel really valued and special. I will also teach them how to use their remedy on pulse points and some simple but effective self care tips.

Taking a holistic viewpoint we will explore whats coming up, to gently uncover the bodies messages hidden within.
Symptoms can hold the key to our bodies real needs, to reveal how much and what support the nervous system needs.

Suzie combines Aromatherapy with Root Cause Practice with Somatic Techniques to help reframe, bring positive change and healing at an emotional, physical and energetic level.

“I work to help children with overwhelm, feeling constantly anxious, with low self esteem perhaps due to hormones or things like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or ADHD especially as these can often result in higher anxiety, poor self care. Bespoke aromatherapy can also help support with emotional recovery from discorded eating, grief and loss”

60 min online consultation
Includes 1 x aromatherapy remedy

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2 reviews for Aromatherapy Consultation for Children & Teens – 40mins

  1. Jane

    My daughter is struggling with anxiety looks forward to putting on the lip balm and roller and really loves them and finds them helpful. I’m so glad we got them!!

  2. El

    My pre-teen daughter was keen to understand what’s best for her skin and how she could be taking care of it. Suzie spent time listening to her thoughts and questions, and was able to offer excellent advice. We bought some of the recommended products which have worked really well, and at the same time been gentle on her pre-teen skin. She’s been using them for over a year now and has been back for re-fills.

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