Buteyko Method – Functional Breathing Course


Learn how to actually breathe well practicing the Buteyko technique for optimal health.

Are you a mouth breather? Many of us are unknowingly mouth breathers, and did you know it can be a root cause of Anxiety, Asthma, Rhinitis and Sleep Apnea. Perhaps you get broken ad poor quality sleep from Snoring or waking with a dry mouth from mouth breathing at night?



Learn how to breathe better by practicing the Buteyko technique for optimal health.

Breathing re-education – The way we breathe influences functioning of airways, blood circulation and oxygen release to the cells. Common conditions including asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, snoring, sleep apnea and generalised anxiety, overactive mind, hyperactivity and even teeth health (constant mouth breathing may put stress on teeth enamel) can be significantly helped by introducing a Buteyko Method practice into your life.

The Buteyko Method can help improve a number of breathing related problems including:

  • Respiratory: asthma, rhinitis, hay-fever
  • Neurological: Anxiety, stress and panic attacks
  • Childhood development: dental health, craniofacial development and ADHD
  • Sleep disordered breathing: insomnia, snoring, central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea

What happens on this course
Suzie will assess your breathing habits and breath capacity.
Will also take in to consideration your tongue position and body posture, your lifestyle, work and any sports or activities you take part in.
You will receive tailored breathing exercises, gentle moves, stretches and self massage techniques.
You will learn how to introduce mouth taping comfortably, safely and for the best effect.
Each session will build upon the session before, gradually helping you create new better breathing habits and improved posture, to enhance your energy, calm your mind and increase your capacity for Oxygen and tolerance to Carbon Dioxide.

How this course works
This course is made up of:
5 x 1hr teaching sessions – can be weekly or fortnightly at your choice

“Functional breathing involves breathing in and out through the nose. The breath is light, regular, effortless with the primary movement from the diaphragm”
– Patrick McKeown
Buteyko Clinic & Oxygen Advantage

Poor quality breathing is generally upper chest breathing, often through the mouth. The symptoms most commonly reported by people with poor breathing patterns include the inability to take a satisfying breath, disproportionate breathlessness during rest or physical exercise, frequent yawning or sighing, or the feeling of not getting enough air. Irregular breathing is often a feature of poor breathing patterns. However, breathing patterns in these individuals can also be regular from time to time which makes detection difficult

This functional breathing course is suitable for:
Adults and children they take place virtually over zoom daytimes and evenings

What happens next?
Once you have purchased your course Suzie will get in touch to book a date and time in with you

Want to talk this though first? Book in a chat with Suzie
If you require a payment plan – please get in touch suzie@soothe-me.com


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