Bespoke Skin Butter

What would you like your skin butter to be for? Helping relive dry skin, or perhaps recovery from chicken pox?!

Here you can access and benefit from Suzie’s holistic aromatherapy skincare expertise – Though this service Suzie will create you a unique formula for you perfect skin butter. You will receive a short consultation (by email or phone), during which she will find out your energetic, emotional and any other specific wellbeing needs to enable her to create your bespoke pulse point roller.

How this works

  1. You place your order, Suzie will then contact you to set up your consultation
  2. Suzie will then formulate and create your bespoke Skin Butter
  3. Suzie will send you a photo of your Skin Butter once it’s created
  4. Your bespoke Skin Butter will then be send and gift wrapped if requested

What you receive

  • Your own special bespoke skin butter (100ml tin)

Good to know

  • Your bespoke formula is stored for you
  • You can re-order your bespoke butter for £20

Additional information


Bespoke body butter balm, Reorder bespoke body butter balm


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