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Customised Clay Mask


Would you like help knowing what clays will be best for your skin?  Or want to super power your clay beauty mask? Then you can CUSTOMISE your own mask! You will have a mini consultation with me to discuss your skin, together we then create your special customised mask from pure plant based sustainable ingredients for your unique skin. "</p



A perfect gift idea or treat for yourself!  Fairtrade Organic Cotton Face Cloth included…

If you are looking for help with your skin but not sure which clay face mask is right for you then I can help you.  Through a mini consultation I will find out your skin’s needs and create a unique clay mask bespoke for you, using a combination of pure dry natural clay powders, minerals and botanical extracts. It comes with a specially made label with your name on and packaging is plastic free.

How it works

  1. You place for your order.
  2. I get in touch with you for a brief one-to-one consultation (via email or phone).
  3. Your mask will be created and you will receive a photo of it.
  4. It will then be packed and shipped .

What you receive

  • Your own special unique face mask (60ml Jar)
  • Approximately 8-10 Face mask applications depending on your use
  • 1 x Mini fairtrade organic cotton muslin face cloth

How to use

  • Use once to twice a week to promote healthy balanced skin.
  • Mix slowly and carefully and avoid inhalation if mask is powder.
  • Its fun but its also messy so take care!
  • Leave mask on for 4 to 6 mins maximum.
  • Rinse with cool water and wait 30mins before applying skincare.
  • TIP!  Use a designated face cloth as will stain fabrics.


2 reviews for Customised Clay Mask

  1. Sheel

    Soothe-me bespoke clay masks are simply the best. Suzie’s knowledge is incredible, she is like an alchemist that creates a magic potion that completely suits the needs of my skin at the time. I’ve tried many high end branded masks but nothing hits the mark like her bespoke clay masks. I love that all the ingredients used are wholly natural, handmade and unique only to me. Definitely give this service a try. You won’t regret it!

  2. Francesca M

    I met Suzie at the Exhale yoga festival at one of her skincare workshops, she helped me create my own bespoke face mask from different clays. THE BEST THING I discovered from my problematic hormonal skin, I ran out so I just ordered another one, they ARE AMAZING!!

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