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Developmental Baby Massage Workshop


Holistic Baby Massage Workshop – 90 mins in the comfort of your own home. And Mum will receive a soothing and tension releasing shoulder massage to finish the session. Learn special moves, postures, holds and massage techniques so you feel confident to help soothe you baby when they are unsettled.



Developmental baby massage one to one workshop.

This 90 min workshop is perfect for babies of 2 weeks to about 16 weeks. Developmental baby massage can be especially helpful if they are unsettled, ‘colicy’, windy, have reflux symptoms, torticollis/wry neck (neck turned to one side) and especially if the birth was difficult.

Your workshop will be tailored holistically for your baby and you, and will take place in the comfort of you own home.

Suzie will teach you special developmental baby massage techniques, moves, holds and positions. These help you tune in to your babies body language, bring feelings of calm, encourage better sleep and good postural development.

Your session will finish with a soothing shoulder massage for mum – it’s so important to help to begin to calm your nervous system after giving birth and massage can help with this.

Included is a beautiful little skincare gift set with Award winning Super Baby Oil and mini Yum Yum Balm for you & your baby.

Areas covered: East, North, South London approx within 3 mile radius of E3

Suzie also teaches group courses at Animo yoga studio 475 Roman Road, E3

3 reviews for Developmental Baby Massage Workshop

  1. Suzie Hacker

    This was the best gift, Suzie helped me learn how to hold Polly to ease wind and learning the massage routine was lovely, Polly never slept so well as afterwards. Thank you.

  2. Leah & Sadie

    So grateful for your help with my little one, she was so unsettled and I had no idea how to help her. When you came and taught me the holds and especially the moves to ease wind it was like you gave us the key to a settled baby.
    Amazing help thank you so much. Leah

  3. Anna L

    Thank you so much for a really great baby massage class! It was fun, super interesting and relaxing (for the mums and the babies!) and you were such a lovely person to have in our house. All the babies slept amazingly well after the class – Vivi slept for 12 hours without waking that night which was a very welcome first!

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