Winter Wellness Retreat – Aromatherapy & Deep Rest – 28th Jan 2022


Gift yourself this incredible relaxing and creative afternoon Retreat Workshop. (Watch video here)
Discover which Aromatherapy oils to use for your own special winter wellness blend, learn how to apply it to pulse points.

Then craft your own unique wellness intention mantra, and move though to the studio for a guided body meditation, deep rest & relaxation. And best of all you will receive a tension releasing neck & shoulder from Suzie to finish.

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Winter Wellness – Aromatherapy & Deep Rest Retreat at ANIMO yoga studio with Suzie – Saturday 28th Jan 14:00 – 16:30

Run down? Exhausted? Burnt out? Feeling symptoms of S.A.D?
Want to feel recharged and great in your body and calm in your mind?
Then you need this multisensory retreat workshop!

You will discover the therapeutic benefits of combining essential oils with quality rest (learn more about rest in my blog here) and a wellness intention mantra. With Holistic Aromatherapist & Wellness Practitioner Suzie. We start with a creative learning & making session:

A retreat of two parts…

Learn & Create
• Learn which essential oils help boost immune system and lift mood
• Create your own essential oil blend to use in a diffuser or on pulse points
• Craft your unique wellness intention mantra to add to your self care practice

Rest & Relax
You will move through to the studio for relaxation and deep physical rest:
• Nervous system rest – gentle slow stretches, moves, self massage & breathwork
• Now lie comfortably for a healing body-scan meditation & deep rest
• Receive a neck & shoulder massage to close

More about this workshop
Essential oils have been used for centuries to help restore wellbeing and these powerful plant essences can help us by positively shifting mood.

Some protect us against bacteria and viruses, you will learn more about these particular oils in the legendary tale of ‘The Four thieves’ – Four 16th century spice sellers who during the bubonic plague turn to looting the dead & dying but mysteriously they don’t get sick!

Do you really respect your need for quality rest? Perhaps you have self-limiting beliefs or guilt around allowing yourself to really rest? In this workshop we take a self compassionate approach to allowing deep rest without guilt.

During this retreat workshop you will move through different types of rest: – Creative rest to encourage play and to nourish your creativity. – Mental rest to enable clear thoughts. – Physical Rest to make it feel great to be in your body.

Fed up of feeling run down and bit rubbish? Have you lost faith in your own body’s ability to heal? By approaching your wellbeing holistically this restful retreat will gently help you to honor your body’s innate healing ability.

Dive into crafting your own wellness intention mantra – stay open, curious, willing, allow yourself to be with your feelings until your soul answer arises to help you create it.

A restful and magical workshop lead by Suzie, Holistic Aromatherapist & Wellness Practitioner