New Flat tummy tips!

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By Annabel Wyatt

Come on, who wanted a super flat tummy this summer? And, who was too busy to get one? Between a big move, working and the 2-3 weeks of proper summer sun we had, I just never got round to it. But recently, I learned some tips and wanted to share them with everybody, so let me know below what you guys think.

Massage – I’ve been using a few massage techniques on myself around the tummy region to basically help out my digestive system and relive bloating. A really simple method, which just basically involves massaging your tummy in clockwise motions from left to right.Your large intestine is kind of like a big horseshoe, which starts from your bottom right hand side of your tummy and works around to the bottom left. Massaging with medium pressure in circular motions helps stimulate your large intestine, moving stuff along (lovely) which aids your digestive flow and helps to give a flatter tummy. It also aids lymphatic drainage, releasing water build up through your body, leading to a flatter tummy.

flat tummy massage tips

A guide to where to begin your massage

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Foods– It’s pretty obvious to say that in order to gain a flatter tummy, it’s best to ditch the naughty sugar loaded carb fests! So at this point, I give you permission to throw out all of that supermarket bread and pasta and any other stodge you’ve got at home. A good tip I do is swapping pasta for chickpeas or pulses; they’re filling, high in protein and pretty yummy. They can easily take the place of pasta in many tomato based dishes and salads and are super cheap too. I’ve also been swapping anything sweet and fizzy for fizzy water which helps straight away I think!Add some toasted veg to your plate. I used to think cucumber and celery were the worst! But recently I’ve been toasting them till a little golden brown to bring out their sweetness and adding them along side my mains and am really enjoying the taste of them cooked like this, so much nicer than raw!

Another great tummy flattening friend is good fat, yup fat! We’re talking the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats you find in fish, nuts, seeds, avocados and good olive oils. These actually help the body to stave off hunger, as well as regulating the metabolism and fat storage molecules in the body. However, I like to gorge on this kind of stuff (double avocado and salmon here please!) so best off sticking to one portion per meal as a general rule of thumb haha! If in doubt, check out the soothe-me recipe page on the website for great healthy, flat tummy foods!

PostureSuper easy right? If you’ve been sitting at your desk or laptop etc all through the colder months, developing a hunch and little pot belly and then need to wear a nice summer dress or swimsuit; the easiest way to look like your tummy is flatter is to just stand tall, shoulders back and head held high. A great tip all round for generally feeling confident, more in control and slimmer! Check out this illustrated article too! 

What tips do you use to gain a flatter tummy? If you have any other, do let us know either down in the comments, on our Facebook page!

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