My top 10 Aromatherapy Books!

Here I share with you my top 10 favourite Aromatherapy and Essential Oils books.
I have picked out 10 that I really value and adore, and I highly recommend these books to you if you are keen to start learning more about essential oils.

I use these 10 wonderful books frequently within my aromatherapy practice, for creating blends and bespoke products using essential oils. They will give you the perfect over view of what aromatherapy is and how you can use essential oils at home.

Some of these books take an energetic and emotional point of view which I find fascinating and you might find really interesting. Particularly when you are starting out because you can blend by how the oils make you feel, rather than with exact percentages. (You should still take care to follow standard safety guidelines)

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Leslie Moldenauer

Perfect little book to get you started. What I love about this book is its simplicity and clarity. Its such an easy simple book to use, it enables you to get started without feeling essential oil overwhelm! The second half of the book offers you blends that you can follow, to choose your blend you simply pick by how you are feeling or how you want to be feeling.

Its the perfect handy aromatherapy guide I give this 10/10 for easy to follow and interesting information on getting started with aromatherapy. Its a great price point and small so easy to carry around and look at.

Essential oil and aromatherapy books by Julia Lawless

Julia is a wonderful source of inspiration and has a life long knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils, she owns Aqua Oleum, based in Stroud, UK, which are my favourite essential oils. Julia lives and breathes all things aromatherapy. I have 3 brilliant books by her that I find very useful:

1. Encyclopedia of essential oils
A must for all starting out, perfect for those that just want to use essential oils at home too. This book covers over 200 essential oils, including their history, origins, synonyms & related plants, methods of extraction, the herbal/folk tradition for each plant, how they work on your body & mind, plus their aromatherapy applications’. I have found this to be a great starting point for all getting started with essential oils, both for personal use and for practitioners.

2 . The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Sourcebook
Idea gift for anyone into wellness and beginners in the field, beautiful design, with photos and illustrations, easy to read great brief history or essential oils, some easy to follow recipes including a cold cream, massage techniques, aromatic remedies for particular illnesses, including mumps and insomnia!

3. Aromatherapy and the Mind
This is a more ‘sciencey’ book! For getting deep into the psychological and emotional aspects of aromatherapy, Psycho-Aromatherapy, taking you into the history of fragrance, how we use aromatics to enhance the human experience and help our state of mind – by helping lift our mood, calm us down, ease stress or sharpen concentration.

The Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy by Jade Shutes and Amy Glaper

Both Jade and Amy I admire and adore, they both offer fantastic courses from tasters to certificated study, I have undertaken courses by both of them.

Here their beautifully illustrated book comes at essential oils from a celebratory view. Looking at how the connection with these oils and therefore the plants can have an energetic and emotional response on us. They set out the oils in how they can hep our body systems from digestive to the skin and also include some suggested blends and recipes.

I love the part about systems affinity paired with therapeutics and the emotion based blending method, also called Morphology, developed by Jade. It looks at the part of the plant the oil comes from and considers each ones unique message. To give you an example consider that flower oils have a strong affinity to feminine energy, a relationship with the productive system, potential and out ability to attract and survive difficulties

Aromatherapy and A-Z by Patricia Davis

This was my VERY FIRST aromatherapy book recommended personally by my teacher back in 2004 when starting out on my Aromatherapy ITEC. Sometimes known as the Aromatherapy bible, I still use it today. Its great if you simply want to look a particular oil but its genius lies in its incredible range of aromatherapy remedies organised by illness, ailment, symptom or disease, its a very useful health encyclopedia. Patrica Davis is a renowned mind in this field and has written many brilliant books.

With entries from ‘antibiotics’ to ‘zinc’ The AZ has earned and kept its place amongst the handful of indispensable reference books on aromatherapy The range and scope of practical information and guidance gathered within these pages is absolutely staggering and the affection and respect in which the AZ is held by the practising aromatherapist is a thoroughly deserved accolade to this book that has been justly called the aromatherapists Bible

This was my VERY FIRST aromatherapy book recommended personally by my teacher back in 2004!

Aromatherapy and A-Z by Patricia Davis

Astrological Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis

This book is new to me (in Dec 2023) and I cant wait to dive in, I will update my post here when I have had time to get in it.

Heres what sold me on it:

Whether you are an aromatherapist or an astrologer, a beginner or experienced, this book will set you on the road to bringing these two ancient arts together.

For thousands of years healers have observed that both people and plants respond to the annual cycle of the heavens and used this knowledge to help in their work. Even the smallest knowledge of astrology can help you do the same.

Simply knowing an individual’s star sign can guide your choice of essential oils to help yourself, your family, friends or professional clients. What is your Signature oil? How do the Sun, Moon and Planets affect your health? How can you use a birthchart to make unique, personalized blends for pleasure or treatment?”

Subtle Aromatherapy by Patrica Davis

Again this is new to me in Dec 2023 and what caught my interest was the description…

This is the first book devoted solely to their use on a subtle or spiritual level, it examines the applications of aromatherapy in personal and spiritual growth, meditation and healing. Topics covered include Vibrational Healing, The Role of the Healer, Methods of Use, Chakra Energy, Essential Oils and Crystals, Meditation etc., etc., with detailed notes on the subtle properties of the individual oils

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay

This book takes an emotional and mental lens to experiencing essential oils. Its another new addition and I have just started it, its already hooked me in right from the start when I read – ‘Essential oils are vital substances – the natural alchemical synergy of plant and sun’. It also includes the 5 elements, their season, organs, spirits and some essential oils that you can use for each of these.

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit provides help for a wide range of common emotional and mental complaints–including depression, low energy, lack of concentration, poor memory, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Easy-to-reference charts and full-colour illustrations teach simple aromatherapeutic massage and acupressure techniques that restore balance to the body and psyche

Aromatherapy Scent and Psyche by Peter & Kate Damian

The hook for this for me was the word PSYCHE, its fascinating learning about how essential oils can help us on a psycological level. This book explores – How scent interacts with emotion, memory, mental acuity, and sleep and why specific scents are so effective in therapeutic and ritual settings

“Drawing on research and clinical studies, Peter and Kate Damian look at many applications from treating viral infections with garlic or black pepper oil to using rose oil to relax patients undergoing chemotherapy; from aromatic massage to the “environmental fragrancing” of subways and supermarkets”

Do you have any favourite essential oil and aromatherapy books that you think would be a great addition to this collection? Then do get in touch.