My Lockdown List

Hello everyone,

I was thinking what my next blog post would be and then I remembered that I am always looking for inspiration of things to do at home… So I thought maybe I could inspire you with some of the activities I’ve done! Anything to keep life interesting!

Read a Book
I’m sure this is an activity that you do normally, however I find it hard to find the inner peace to actually sit down with a book. I’m usually up and about, always optimising, always organising. There is only so much you can do in one day though! If you’re interested in what books I’ve read, here’s a list:

  • The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh
    An amazing, dystopian novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. So much so, I’m still thinking about it and so gutted that it was so short. It is about a family on an island, about strange, sadistic rituals, about three daughters trying to make sense of the world around them. But which world is reality?
  • The Testaments by Margaret Atwood
    I’m sure everyone knows the TV show The Handmaid’s Tale. This is a novel in which three different stories intertwine but in the end, come together.
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
    If you ever feel stressed out about what the right decision to make is, or even if the world and society seems so complicated and paradoxical, this book will liberate you of those worries! This novel deals with those issues and makes one feel less alone.
  • The First Bad Man by Miranda July
    Miranda July is an amazing, mad novelist. She hasn’t written many books but the ones she has are worth it. She has a mad writing style, she can create a different reality and rules and you can’t help but jumping into that world head on. Suddenly, even the most trivial things become fascinating puzzles.

Had a Go at Baking

For me, baking is always a bit of a struggle. I am vegan and gluten-free so finding a recipe that results in tasty baked goods is rare! These cupcakes went down pretty well. I even used some stinging nettles that I foraged. The light ones are just vanilla flavoured, the dark ones are chocolate. I froze all the vanilla ones so that when I get desperate, I’ll have something to snack on!



Took a Short Course
I have ADHD, so I have difficulties finishing tasks and keeping my concentration. That’s why I picked a course in something I’m really interested in and it went great! I took lots of notes and enjoyed it. There are lots of courses on offer, I chose a free course on herbalism. I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy it but I did! There are so many online courses, I went through Udemy because Suzie had done some courses with them but I’m sure all online courses are similar.

Prepped for Future Lessons (I am also a language tutor)
The dreaded lesson prep! It is a well known fact teachers always spend hours and hours on lesson prep. I find that if I force myself to do it, I get into a rhythm and plan lots of lessons, one time I planned 10 lessons in advance! I’m sure this type of prep can be applied to any work that needs preparation. And the feeling one gets after doing a whole load, knowing that it will last a long time, is amazing!

Made a Fancy Drink (that’s incredibly easy!)
Since all the cafes are closed, I’ve really missed sitting down and relaxing with a nice cup of coffee. Then one night, I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a video on how to make this easy, whipped coffee.

All you need:
– instant coffee
– sugar
– hot water

Instructions: add the same amounts of coffee, sugar and hot water into a jug and whisk it up for about 2 minutes. You will get this amazing, whipped cream (that’s actually coffee). It tastes delicious and looks really cool!

This is something I never get to do! I’m trying to teach myself to take breaks and really learn to relax. In order to fully relax, I need to have done all the chores at home, including cleaning, hoovering, cooking, organising, washing… It’s a pain and I don’t wish OCD on anyone! Anywho, making the time to relax and switch my brain off is very important. I’ve been doing a puzzle of 1000 pieces, I only ever do Wasgij puzzles where one doesn’t have the actual picture of the puzzle, instead there is a picture of people looking at the picture from the puzzle! It makes it much more interesting that way.

Self care
Try a face mask, here I have one that is Activated Charcoal, Matcha & Bentonite but you can make your own – try aloe vera gel and cucumber, or an avocado, even honey mixed with organic cocoa can be great for the skin but messy!
Activated charcoal and bentonite face mask

Let me know what you think of my list and please share any other interesting ideas!

Stay safe everyone.