Who are you today? Which are you most drawn to, Mindful or Powerful, Yin or Yang?

I created these Aromatherapy body oils to be polar opposites, Yin and Yang, to suit polar opposite moods, this way you can choose what you most need in your life right now, in this moment. Is it time to slow down and be mindful, or do you need your energy boosted, your power restored?! These two aromatherapy body oils have especially curated blends of essential oils one to calm and the other to energise.

Both come with beautifully illustrated labels, a special 2020 Artist Pledge collaboration with wonderfully unique and creative illustrator Vera Howard @verahowardillustration who shared my studio in Hackney Wick. Her brief was to create characters that suited the personality of each oil. I loved her clever and quirky idea to create yoga positions that partnered male and female, yin and yang, just like the oils.

Mindful – Yin – is calming for the nervous system, soothing for the mind and healing for the skin with Lavender, Geranium, Patchouli and a hint rich cinnamon vibes of Benzoin a healing tree resin.
Powerful – Yang – is stimulating for the circulation, it’s ready to rev you up if you feel flat, uplifting and happy with zesty Orange, immune boosting Ginger, Black pepper and exotic Sandalwood.