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Make Your Own Super-Easy Cough Syrup – 2 Ingredients!

Make Your Own Super-Easy Cough Syrup – 2 Ingredients!

By May 17, 2019 0 comment

I was recently reading an article on natural cough syrups. When I saw how easily this one particular syrup can be made a wave of motivation washed over me. I am someone that can’t concentrate for too long and complicated recipes are just. So. Tedious! So, here it is. Cough syrup made from only 2 ingredients – sugar and onion! Onions are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making this the perfect flu remedy.

Step 1 – Cut an onion into thin slices
Step 2 – Start placing the slices in a bowl one by one, layering the sugar in between each slice
Step 3 – Let it sit overnight and in the morning throw the onion out.

Now you have your own cough syrup. Drink it one spoon at a time. If anyone has a better recipe, let us know!

Suzie + Ellie

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