Magnesium Foot Spray – For Better Sleep

Are you finding it hard to switch off at night? 
Restless leg syndrome or achy ankles?
Then make this calming Magnesium & Essential Oils Foot Spray…

Simply spray this easy to make natural magnesium remedy on the soles of your feet just before your bedtime and drift of into a lovely slumber.

Magnesium Chloride Salts are easily absorbed transdermally through the skin and used this way can encourage better, deeper sleep, reduce anxiety and ease aches in ankle joints and tendons, may even help restless leg syndrome (my neighbour swears by it!). It’s also a great mineral for helping smooth out the hormonal roller coaster of perimenopause and the teen years.

Personally I use it on my ankles to help ease aches and tendonitis, it also helps me to fall nicely asleep before my thoughts start racing! 

Magnesium is an essential electrolyte for optimal health because it helps with the proper functioning of your brain, nerves, heart, eyes, immune system and you muscles, wow! It supports bone, joint and skin health and many other body functions, including maintaining cardiovascular and metabolic health.

It works by increasing the blood flow to the muscles, this is how it helps relax them and to ease tension in joints and tendons, reducing pain therefore helping you to feel more calm.

Magnesium capsules can be taken internally – “It’s like the ‘oil in our engine” our bodies use it in so many processes its vital to keep good levels. In particular it helps ‘mop up’ excess hormones that the body wants to expel, this means less of the stress hormone cortisol floating about helps you to feel more relaxed and less wired at bedtime. Magnesium Citrate can ‘loosen the bowels’ for some so can be a natural constipation aid.
Making it very beneficial for insomnia especially hormonal sleep disturbances and hormonal headaches that might occur. The body has a higher demand for magnesium just before menstruation so consider taking extra the week before your period, especially for any teen girls and those of you that might that suffer more with PMT.

Other health benefits 
“Magnesium balances the amount of calcium in our cells; too much calcium in the muscle cells can cause twitches and spasms similar to RLS symptoms. As a result, a proper level of magnesium acts as a barrier against an excess of calcium in the body, helping you relax and sleep.”  Center for Vein Restoration

Lets get making!

Equipment & Ingredients:
1 x Spray bottle (I used 30ml size)
30ml Hydrosol water (or filtered water or bottled water is best, but tap is fine too!)
30ml vol of Magnesium Chloride flakes in a little jug

Essential oils:
I selected this blend for sleep and to help ease anxiety:
Jasmine 2 drops
Bergamot 2 drops
Lavender 3 drops
Peppermint 1 drop (only use 1 as otherwise it can be stimulating)

First set out your magnesium into your jug
Add your essential oils to the salts
Pour over water and allow to dissolve – strir to speed up process.
Once all dissolved tip into spray top bottle, done!
Spray on soles of feet before bed.
NOTE: I only spray this on the soles of my feet as I find its itchy otherwise.
the soles of feet have good absorption into the body.
AVOID using on the face and keep away from eyes!!

Watch the video I made for you here:

Watch How to Make a Magnesium Foot Spray Video

Top 10 Health Benefits of Magnesium by Dr Jockers – Watch here

I hope you enjoy making this and let me know how you get on and any adjustments you make,

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