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We just had the best Sunday outing we have had as a family in London for under £5 each!
A family long boat ride on the regents canal with Laburnum Boat Club cost just £2 each and its brilliant! We did get very lucky with the weather and we only had one other family sharing the long boat with us. My son spent nearly all the time smiling, he loved being given the chance to have a go at steering the long boat and we were able to help open and close the locks. He loved spotting ducks, geese, goslings and even a diving Cormorant  up close. Do remember to pack your own picnic, but if you don’t you can jump off at the locks and pop to the local shops to buy what you fancy.

Drive a narrow boat Narrow boat roof top

Sunday trips start at 10am and ours lasted until 1pm, take warm clothing if the weather is that way inclined. We go lucky and had a super sunny day (in which case remember sun cream!) You can choose to sit out side or inside on most of the boats and they all have toilets on board.

family narrow boating hackney Family narrow boat rides Hackney

Laburnum Boat Club is a community based boat project based in Hackney on the Regents Canal, next to The Boat Academy school. They also run a holiday youth club for age 9+ find out more about them on their website Laburnum boat club

To book onto the Sunday family long boat trips and to contact the centre call 020 7729 2915

Laburnum Boat Club,
Laburnum Street,
London E2 8BH
Tel: 020 7729 2915

Broadway market lock Narrow boat rides, regents canal

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