Juniper Berry Essential oil – to unburden, clarify & inspire

Moving into 2024, how have you been feeling? If (like me) you have been feeling rather low, uninspired, stuck in both mood, mind and energy then read on…

Intuitively I was drawn to use Juniper Berry Essential oil – this wonderful oil is fortifying, cleansing and inspiring — physically, emotionally and energetically.

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Reaching for my little bottle of Juniper oil to see if it was the right oil to help me, I gave it a sniff and yes, this was the one! I really connected with it and felt an instant lift.

In this post we take a deeper look into this inspiring rich oil with, purifying, releasing qualities and along interesting history.

Common Juniper – Juniperus communis

There are over 40 species of Juniper, it is a small evergreen tree or shrub with prickly needly green leaves. The common variety has sharp needly leaves its whole life, some other variety the leaves change.

Native to North Europe, the berries grow on the female plant start of green turn blue then back after 2 years and are ready to use. Berries not true berries (thats a whole other blog post!) – and the berries of the common juniper (Juniperus communis) are used to make Juniper Berry essential oil.

Quick Facts – Juniper Berry Essential oil
Common names: Juniper, common juniper
Scientific name: Juniperus communis
Family: Cupressaceae
Origin: Native to North Europe
Dioecious: Male and female structures grow on separate trees
Essential oil: 2 types: 1 from berries and 1 from needles and twigs
Note: Middle
Energetic: Warming, drying, purifying

In fragrance Juniper berry oil is a middle note.
It is high in Terpineol and you can easily smell the (Gin like) odour.

To me its multidimensional in its scent, woody, balsamic, sweet ‘berryness’ and a little smokey, crisp yet warm. By comparison Juniper Needle has a more piney scent without the sweetness and is higher in Sabine.

History of Juniper

Its name comes from the latin young berries Juniores, french called it Genévrier probably from the Celtic word Gen, meaning small bush, from Gen came the word Gin, which its berries are used to flavour.

Juniper is thought to be one of the first plants used by human kind, evidence of this found in the Swiss lakes at prehistoric sites. People have used it to prevent infections, speed up wound healing, protect from bad energies. The fragrant Juniper wood burnt as incense for ceremonial purposes, considered to help ward off illness to purify and cleanse body and mind.

Ancient greeks used to combat epidemics, middles ages to ease a headache and soothe a sore throat and to clear the respiratory system. French hospitals used to help prevent spread of small pox.

Past olympians would smell the oil before competing as they believed it gave them extra strength and stamina

Juniper Berry oil health Benefits

Juniper Berry Essential Oil has many wonderful benefits for your health, helps with cleansing of the body, mind and negative energy. It is rubefacient (stimulates circulation), digestive, antiviral, and diuretic so helps with our circulatory, digestive, lymphatic and urinary system – use 2 drops in a bath to help ease cystitis.

Juniper helps strengthen the parts of the body that help with with elimination of waste materials like uric acid so aids detoxification. Because of its purifying cleansing action it can help clear up infections, reduce pain of conditions like headaches, gout, arthritis and cramps. To help with these symptoms you can use it in a roller ball applicator, a bath, a foot soak or blend in a base oil that you can massage over the affected area.

For headaches try Juniper Berry in a diffuser with Basil & Lemon

To help support your digestion massage Juniper Berry & Orange essential oils in a base oil clockwise over your tummy to help ease indigestion and bloating.

Juniper is also very supportive essential oil to use when you are going through a detox from any addictions.

Use Juniper as a powerful body tonic when you are feeling run down, exhausted or perhaps ‘cold in your bones’, its warming, stimulating action enhances our yang and is connected to our kidney energy.

Juniper Berry oil caution & safety
Juniper oils should be avoided during pregnancy and when breast feeding, do not use if you have any serious kidney problems or are diabetic.
Always use Juniper oil in low concentrations (1.5% to 2%) and patch test before full use if using in a skincare product or massage oil. (Body oil recipe blend at the bottom of this post)

Juniper oil for hormone health
Use it to ease chronic tiredness, cold hands and feet, lower back ache and fluid retention (especially when contented to female mensural cycle). Using Juniper Berry with Geranium as a massage oil from around cycle day 18 to day 22 can really help ease PMT, regulate periods and reduce fluid retention that can cause abdominal distention.

Juniper oil for skin & hair
Juniper oil is astringent and antiseptic for the skin, can be used in low does on the skin in a hydrosol, oils, cleaner and creams. It can really help reduce teen acne especially in boys. You can consider using it in a cream or balm to ease weepy eczema and skin conditions that are slow to heal
Hair and scalp heath add 8 drops of Juniper to 100ml of your conditioner or make a scalp oil to help ease symptoms of dandruff & seborrhoea.

Juniper oil and the mind
Strengthens brain and nerve action, so enhances mental clarity, aids focus and concentration. can help shift and oncoming bad mood, clear negative thoughts and energy. Use to help you break through phycological stagnation, purge thoughts of the self absorption, fear or failure, restore mental motivation and flow.

Energetics of Juniper Berry oil

In TCM Juniper is connected to the water element, winter season of the five elements chart. Energetically fortifying and linked to Zhi – Kidney energy.

Kidney energy is considered the root of vitality, disturbances in this energy can quickly lead to physical depletion. Interestingly fear is the emotion connected with kidneys so you can reach for Juniper when you are feeling trapped by fearful feelings and thoughts.

Juniper is considered a warm oil, can can help rid your body of cold dampness, it helps ease fluctuating energy, worry, fear, lack of motivation and to shift blocked emotions,

Use it to protect you from those with energies you find negative and great to use if you are travelling, especially on busy public transport or going to a large event with lots of different people around you.

Emotional aspects of Juniper Berry oil

Use Juniper if you feel out of tune with others around you, perfect for energetic protection when you are going to a large event or conference, going on a long journey, taking busy public transport or moving to a new house, can help protect you from inimical actions, negative energy and experiences

Are you feeling burdened and or aloof, deeply absorbed in own thoughts, worries, pressures. Are you feeling unsupported, unseen and misunderstood by others?
Use Juniper Berry to help ease fear or the dark or stepping forward into the unknown, help thoughts and imagination become more expansive, helps you to look at things you have been avoiding for a long time allowing you to feel safe and supported to step into the darkness.

This evergreen tree pre dates humanity! These sentinel trees can been deeply spiritually protective and healing for old or ancestral wounds.

Perhaps you spend a lot of time living in disassociation, finding it hard to feel safe to be in your body with your emotions then Juniper can support you to come back in your body, brings confidence to face things you find it difficult to look at.

Juniper can be used as a ‘Shield Oil’ for empaths – helps shield and protect from taking on others energy by allowing it to move through and to help let go of emotional energy. lean in, listen and trust your intuition

Astrological aspects of Juniper Berry Oil

Strongly connected to Saturn, think about staying power, self discipline, ability to take responsibility and authority over oneself. It has a grounding influence yet is light and clarifying of thoughts and feelings. Also sits in connection to Jupiter – expansion of knowledge, Pluto – unresolved and things we keep hidden deep within us and Mars, instinctive confidence and fire, its classed as hot and dry,

Juniper fits well as a mutable quality oil – preparing you feel ready for change, encouraging flexibility and adaptability, helping you to move forward, bring things on and up, bringing forth transformation and change. Therefor it might sit well with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

I also find that air and water signs really love and benefit from Juniper Berry Oil when feeling un-earthed, overwhelmed and emotional. Especially if they feeling un-seen, perhaps unable to fully express how they feel in words. In this case ty mixing with Ylang Ylang, Jasmine or Geranium

Third eye chakra – expand and enhance your comprehension, better understand your internal word and whats happening around you, it also has a connection to the and sacral chakra with its connection to supporting the urinary system

Juniper Berry oil essential oil blends

  • Feeling stuck, uninspired and trapped by repetitive thought patterns – Diffuse Juniper berry with Juniper needle and adding lemon or Cedrat in equal parts
  • Ease Headaches, help with focus & mental clarity – Diffuse Juniper 3 drops, Basil 2 drops & Lemon 3 drops
  • Addictive feelings, negativity and nervousness – Body oil 10ml base with Juniper 4 drops & Jasmine 4 drops
  • Cramps, Joint and physical pains from arthritis – Body oil 10ml base with Juniper 2 drops, Lavender 4 drops & Geranium 3 drops
  • Help soothe and calm digestive issues – Body oil 10ml base with Juniper 4 drops and Orange 4 drops – massage clockwise over own tummy

I love this bend suggestion by Adam Barralet – Blends light and dark, Juniper, Lime, Bergamot & Grapefruit.

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Note – for the illustration that I created as the main image I used this photo from PEXELS