Incredible Essential Oils by Aqua Oleum

I really want to share with you my discovery of these beautiful essential oils by Aqua Oleum that I adore working with. When using them you will smell the quality, and feel their excellent energetic frequencies.

My journey a with aromatherapy began back in 2002 during this I have worked with many different brands of essential oils, their quality, scent and energetics is always different.

This year I discovered Aqua Oleum oils, their quality and scents are simply incredible, it has been a very delightful discovery! And you will be able to use their wonderful oils in my workshops and if you receive my VIP’s newsletter you will receive a special discount code for the oils. (Join my VIP club here)

Aqua Oleum Oils – Born from the picturesque Cotswolds, where this fantastic 3 generation family run business are based, managed by mother-daughter duo Julia and Natasha Lawless.

Julia Lawless is the author of some wonderful books on essential oils that are perfect if you are just getting interested in using essential oils or wanting to deepen your knowledge on them for self care.

At Aqua Oleum we incorporate essential oils into our products to heal and invigorate the entire self and promote a sense of well-being

“Essential oils, like all other natural products, will vary from one year to another due to differences in origin, weather, climate, soil and many other factors. Aqua Oleum believe that climate should be taken into account when defining characteristic odour. Current international standards do not recognise the origin of an essential oil as a factor. Aqua Oleum have ingeniously developed our own strict definition of characteristic odour”

1. The plant must be the mother species

2. The plant must be grown in an area where the species is indigenous.

3. The oil must be extracted from 100% named botanical species.

4. The extraction technology should extract the complete oil rather than a fraction (as shown in the GC/MC trace).

Julia or Aqua Oleum says…

“Our name comes from the ancient alchemical term meaning ‘water & oil’, since these two elements were the fundamental raw materials of all of the products. In alchemy, the name ‘Aqua Oleum’ symbolically refers to the two seemingly opposed aspects of matter and spirit, which are nevertheless unified within human nature. Bringing these two into balance i.e. the material and the spiritual, so as to work harmoniously together can be seen as underlying many of the greatest humanistic endeavours or quests.”

You can come and try these beautiful essential oils in my Aromatherapy Alchemy Retreat workshop Animo yoga studio on Saturday the 22nd Oct, from 2pm.