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Written by Annabel Wyatt

If you’ve not already heard about the research findings into SPF sun creams and lotions, then you’re maybe in for a shock (or maybe not!) Research has suggested, that ingredients used in many drug store sun creams contain some really nasty chemical preservatives and barrier chemicals. These nasties may play havoc with sensitive skins causing eczema and irritation as well as extra skin sensitivity over time.

Strong amounts of these chemicals have also been traced in mother’s milk and in the reproductive organs! Adding untold amounts of hormone disrupting agents into our bodies… heavy stuff!

Main contenders to look to avoid in your skincare:
Methylisothiazolinone (MI), Oxybenzone, Parabens, Sodium lauryl sulfates… keep a look out on the backs of your other sun creams and chuck away any that contain these!

If you’re looking to start your greener beauty collection, a great time and place to start is summer, when you’ll be reaching for the sun creams a lot more often! Here are a few great ones we’ve found:

At soothe-me we are happy to make to order our SPF25/30 ‘Sun Butter’ that is a natural mineral sunscreen an alternative to mass-produced chemical sunscreens. Do get in touch either on our FaceBook page or Twitter to talk to us about it.
To ensure the skin safety of those little ones, we’ve included a gift too! Available to download now, soothe-me have teamed up with Skinfo to create a little reminder to keep next to your door, teaching little ones how and when to apply sun creams – cute and fun, these posters should hopefully put an end to that “oh dear I’ve forgotten to wear sun cream” dramas.

Tate of Skinfo says:

“After an especially miserable winter, it’s completely acceptable to run outside as soon as the sun starts to shine and enjoy every minute of warmth that you can. But in the rush to get outdoors, it can be easy to forget about taking care of your skin while you’re soaking up the warm temperatures. Your skin is delicate from a long winter of being indoors; all it takes is one missed sunscreen application and you might end up in a world of pain with severe sunburn. Ouch!

Protect your skin by wearing hats, sunglasses, and sun protective clothing, playing in the shade, and wearing sunscreen. Apply sunscreen thirty minutes before heading outside to let it soak in, and after that, apply it every three hours. Don’t forget to re-apply after you’ve been swimming or sweating. Make sure to get sunscreen on those hard-to-reach spots: ears, face, hands, feet, lips, behind the neck, and all of your arms and legs. Sure, applying sunscreen can be a little time-consuming, or you may think that your light burn will just turn to a tan, but your skin will thank you down the road if you protect it from the sun’s harmful rays”.

DL your Skin Safety Reminder here -free- and hang it up now!  

We hope this brings a little more clarity to the subject of sun screen protection, with a little detective work on the backs of labels it’s much easier to make a better choice for yours and your families skin. If you have any queries on this subject or any other in the soothe-me blog, leave a comment below or find us on social media! (listed below).

Have safe fun in the sun guys! x

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