Go Wild with Wild Garlic!

Hello again!

This week I have been busy with wild garlic. Have you heard of it before? I absolutely love it. It grows practically anywhere in the countryside in forests. One can usually tell that it’s wild garlic thanks to its strong aroma! The fun thing about this plant is that all parts of it can be used. Here’s how:

  1. Its leaves can be used for making soups, pesto or garlic butter
  2. Its root bulbs can be used as normal, conventional garlic
  3. Its flowers can be eaten and used as decoration on food, what a great way to wow your dinner guests!

The best part of it is, it’s free. And it tastes better than store bought garlic! So, get out there, go searching, find yourself some of this wonderful garlic and share your recipes and ideas!

Just be careful that you make sure it’s garlic because it could be confused with the toxic lily-of-the-valley. Have a smell! That’s the way to tell.

Suzie + Ellie

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