Fresh Rosemary Tea Benefits skin & hair

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Fresh Rosemary tea, drink to cleanse & lower inflammation, rich in anti-oxidants, anti bacterial and very detoxing to drink (avoid if pregnant) helping kill off candida yeast over growth in the gut and on the scalp that causes dandruff. You can then use the stronger tea as a hair shine rinse and to soothe an itchy scalp and it also makes a DIY skin toner to help reduce spots, acne and rosacea.

   Fresh Rosemary tea for skin and hair

How to make:
Place a few fresh Rosemary sprigs in a tea pot a cafetiere or pan with a lid, pour over boiling water, so that you cover all the springs in water. Leave for about 5 mins then pour off a cup to drink, this will be light green in colour and the fresher less bitter flavour, leave the rest to get stronger (see photos below).  You can still drink the darker colour stronger tea that you make or you can leave it to cool and use to rinse your hair, it will help soothe an irritated scalp and may help to kill of yeast that causes dandruff.

Fresh rosemary tea - light   Fresh herbal rosemary tea - strong

How to use:
I drink the fresh green tea then I leave the Rosemary to soak until I have a rust coloured water, I then let it cool and keep it in a bottle in the fridge that I then use as a after washing hair rinse that I leave on, dont re-rinse away with tap water or you will loose the benefits for the scalp. I find it very soothing and cooling for an itchy scalp, my sister found it helped with dandruff. I also use it as a slash on toner after cleansing, I leave it on dont rinse!

If you want to make a more advanced toner you can try:
Use mineral water to make the tea then for 95ml water add 5ml glycerine
2 drops of Rosemary essential oil, 10 drops of preservative eco if you want it to last 6 months, otherwise you will need to keep in the fridge and use in about 2 weeks, watch out for any cloudiness that may appear after a week, this means mould so throw away!

Caution and warning! DO NOT DRINK IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, (you can use on hair and skin though) not good for high blood pressure. All this advice is not medical its just my personal experiments so always seek medical advice first.

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