Fix your Dry Skin!

And finally… I have now managed to add the pure natural cream for eczema and very dry skin to my online shop. I have been selling this for a year or so having created it for my son. It really worked on his dry skin and I started giving out samples to other local mums with babies and children who had the same skin problems. I received great feedback and so started making it in bigger batches. Now its one of our best sellers, here are a few of the brilliant features

  • I am a deeply moisturising cream for very dry skin
  • Especially designed to help babies and children with eczema
  • I am a deeply moisturising cream for very dry skin
  • Use me as a natural alternative to paraffin based cream and Aqueous cream
  • With regular use I can help keep dry eczema under control.
  • With organic oils of Shea butter, Sweet Almond & Avocado,
  • Rich in fatty acids that are proven to help dry skin to heal

Do get in touch if you would like to try a mini sample (  I have found this cream to be especially popular with mums, to help young babies with very dry skin. Try this instead of Aqueous, Petrochemical (vaseline) or Paraffin based creams that block the skin, making it harder for the body to eliminate toxins. Therefore inhibiting good skin health.