Speaking from personal experience low mood and depression that comes with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be really hard to shift. So here I share some gentle ways to naturally help lift & shift a low mood in the dark season of winter.

Say Hello to Daylight!

Get as much time in the daylight as you can, sounds simple but we don’t always get outside in the darker days, even being near a window with natural light coming in on you from the early morning can help. Because simply letting daylight in your eyes helps create serotonin (uplifting) in the morning that turns to melatonin (calming) at night.

In the winter I stop wearing my glasses which have sun activated lenses so that I can get maximum daylight in my eyes on the morning dog walk.

Roll up your sleeves – get some skin out, its known that you make Vit D more effectively from the sun on your skin when you are exercising in it (walking is fine!)

We make vitamin D from sunlight as well as getting it from food source so there are several ways that you can top up your levels. Also the body uses it daily, we don’t store it, it’s good to take it alongside magnesium as we use up magnesium when we make Vit D. (This is a very basic description!)

Essential oils and Aromatherapy blends for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Essentials oil are powerfully uplifting and some can help quickly raise serotonin levels and easily raise your mood naturally. I have carefully selected some to help ease low mood.

I have carefully selected some essential oils to help ease low mood and depression caused be Seasonal Affective Disorder, choose from …

The Citrus family – Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit they are all very good at helping to shit a low mood, they are energetically and emotionally uplifting. They are good and killing viruses and bacteria and can help ease colds and flu.

Frankincense one of my total faves to calm racing mind, anxiety, uplift mood and restore nervous system. AND the beautiful soul nourishing Ylang Ylang, floral and warm, restorative and comforting. Both of these pair very will with citrus oils so give it a try!

For happy vibes and to shift a stuck low mood I also love…

Bergamot – helps body release serotonin, know to be happy & uplifting.

Niaouli a sweeter deeper gentler version of eucalyptus uplifting, cleansing and nourishing 

Cedrat (big zesty sweet lemons from Sicily) very uplifting and joyous! 

Palo Santo – woody a bit smokey, uplifting, mystical and light, helps calm mind clear and lift vibes!

SAD Essential Oil Blend

Lift Mood & Clear Bad Vibes

   In a 15ml base oil (like cold pressed Apricot, Almond or Jojoba).
Blend these Essential Oils together, using drops
 – Bergamot 3, Cedrat 2, Niaouli 2, Palo Santo 1

You can use this blend in an essential oil burner or as a body oil. To use in a mist diffuser do so directly into the water without the base oil.

To use on the skin I like to start by rubbing some oil in the palms of my hand and then breathing in deeply through my nose. Then massage some on the insides of your wrists, the back of your neck, and finish up by rubbing some into the soles of your feet.

Lemon, Saro & Palo Santo Essential oils for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Quality Essential oil brands I love are:
Aqua Oleum (sign up to my VIP newsletter for a special discount code)
and I also recommend Nikura, Gyla Labs

Herbal teas & tinctures Seasonal Affective Disorder

Switch coffee for Teas like Rosehip, Lemon Balm, Green Tea, Hibiscus, or make a Matcha or Turmeric Latte with Ginger & Local Honey

Vitamins & Minerals for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Boost your vitamin C intake and make sure you are getting some iodine in your diet
I take a Chlorella tablet or the powder in a drink daily – its high in Vit C, D, Iodine and more!
Try Saffrosun, ot lift mood, energy and esteem! great for teens who are feeling low in the winter season too.

Vitamin D
It’s important to take it in the UK in winter due to the low sunlight but when taking it do also make sure you also take magnesium. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and its essential for a healthy immune system, and because vit D is actually a hormone it uses up magnesium in its function.

Vitamin D is very easily used and the body does not store it. Its best to take Vit D in the morning or it can keep you up at night – where your body has not had a chance to turn use it help create melatonin.

Take a good quality Vitamin D, and get yourself some magnesium, I love a magnesium B6 complex for women because it is great for helping balance hormones too.
I love Solgar Vit D and they have a Magnesium with B6
I also love food grown Vit D and Vit C with Bioflavonoids by Wild Nutrition – My Wild Nutrition Loyalty discount link
The recommended amount of vitamin D for a normal adult is 10-20 micrograms or 400-800 International Units (IU) a day.

St John’s Wort has been used for centuries to ease depression, can be taken in capsules or a tincture.

NOTE: With all of the above check with your health practitioner before taking if you take any other medication.

Foods to eat to ease Seasonal Affective Disorder

Good quality Apples and or Oranges
Drink a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice in warm water when you get up, add Tumeric tincture
Salmon or oily fish
Egg – the yolk in particular
Mushrooms – With white or chestnut mushrooms leave them in the daylight the day before you eat them, they absorb Vit D through their skins, Portobello grow in sunlight are great due to their size they have a large area of skin!
Get spicy – adding Ginger & Tumeric to your cooking can help boost mood
Seaweed or Irish Moss

CBD for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Try a good quality CBD taking a low dose daily when you feel low can help rebalance your endocannabinoid system returning you to balanced homeostasis . I love the Purple Edition Oil for the winter months as its am indica hybrid great for easing low mood.

Red Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Red Light Therapy is a fun new one to me! The healing power of red light therapy comes from its ability to energize mitochondria – the power-house of our cells. When mitochondria are hit with red or infrared light they are activated or stimulated. This creates energy that spurs cell growth and repair. Red Light Therapy is also being used in beauty to help repair and rejuvenate skin, its known to help with Psoriasis and Eczema.

Red Light Therapy can help reduce toxicity in the body and for me I feel an increase in feelings of calm and and uplifted mood. Also the light is slightly warm which helps as you need to get your bare skin out! I find I can use it before bed to help me sleep more deeply or it also works to lift my mood if I use it to go some stretches or yoga in front of in the morning.

I just invested in this self standing light – Helios that I can sit in front of or do yoga in front of! The catch is you have to have lots of skin out to let light shine on your skin. And you really need to use it regularly, I use it from 3 to 5 times a week for 10 to 20 mins a day.

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This information here is intended only as a general reference for further exploration, and is not a replacement for professional health advice. This information should be used only under supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

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