Essential Oils to Help Babies Sleep

I often get asked what essential oils are good for encouraging sleep for babies (and grown ups!), I love to recommend High Altitude Lavender and a Frankincense. You can use a small bowl, half fill a bowl with steaming water and add 5 drops of Lavender and 5 of Frankincense, put the bowl in the room of your choice in a place it cant be found or knocked over buy children or pets.

TIPS: You can top up the water a few times when the steam stops.
Place bowl in a low enough place so the steam can rise.
If you or your baby, child or you has a cold you can add in 3 drops of Rosemary and 2 of Lemon

For grown ups & older children: You can use this for a steam inhalation, take care with hot water. Sit so your face is over the bowl and cover head and bowl with a towel so you create a ‘min steam room’ and gently breath in the aromas via the steam. Can help ease sinus pain and to help clear the nose.

Here is a quick video on how to use in a simple steam bowl to fill your room with relaxing aromas.

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