Mint Essential oil to cool you down (and a few alternatives)

Feeling the heat?! Well I have something for that 🙂

– My first choice of essential oils to help cool you down is Peppermint, its suitable for teens and adults, if I am using the remedy on a younger child or highly sensitive person I might choose Spearmint essential oil as its slightly less strong and a little sweeter.

Mint is high in menthol which has a cooling effect when applied to the skin it activates the cold-sensing nerves making the area go numb. Menthol gives a sensation of cooling by activating receptors (called TRPM8) found in all cold-sensing nerve cells, this causes a feeling of cool without any actual fall in temperature in that area. This can also help to ease pain as it helps bring down inflammation so it can be used locally to ease swelling and arthritic pain.

  • Reduces fever
  • Ease nausea
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Ease muscle and arthritic pain
  • Ease headache
  • Calm insect bites
  • Digestive – massage over tummy
  • Drinking Mint tea is also very cooling and digestive on a hot day
  • Many possibly help to reduce strength of addictions

Emotionally Peppermint is a top note oil, it vitalises and helps restore the senses, uplifting and mentally clarifying. Used in small amounts (1 to 2 drops in a blend) it can be relaxing, but mostly in larger amounts it can be quite stimulating. May help with focusing the mind, use to help you make clear choices and decisions (a good oil to try using in the day with people with ADHD)

The active constituent in peppermint is menthol and is responsible for the cooling effect peppermint has. Menthol also inhibits the nerves that react to painful stimuli, giving relief to muscle spasms, coughs, intestinal cramping and more.

– Kristine Brown, Herbal Roots Zine: Peppermint
garden mint
Mint is a hardy plant, it loves sunlight

Zodiac signs associated with Peppermint are:
Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

“Peppermint helps aid memory, increases optimism, clarity, strength to resolve emotional pain, renewal and helps those in despair, pessimistic, heavy and in emotional pain”

Make your own – Cooling Pulse Point Roller…


RECIPE – 🌿 Mint 5 drops, Rose 4 drops, Frankincense 3 drops, 10ml carrier oil – Jojoba or Sunflower oil

😣 For Headache
Apply to: Back of your neck, temples, 3rd eye forehead & centre of palms.

😅 For a Fever/Over heating
Apply to: your tummy button, arm pits, inner elbow (where you see veins), back of neck & soles of feet.

😃Focus & ADHD
Apply to: Inner wrists, base of thumb, your temples & 3rd eye/forehead

🐜 Insect bites
Apply directly to bite, will also repel insects!

☕️ Digestion & IBS
Massage oil clockwise over tummy, massage into centre part of soles of feet, drink fresh mint tea.

Use on these pulse points

Alternatives essential oils to Mint

If you hate peppermint don’t despair! You can try using and of these oils as alternative.

To use any of these oils as a singular oil on its own in your roller ball recipe (10ml carrier oil) use the number of drops I have listed for you below

  • Eucalyptus – 5 drops in 10ml carrier
  • Frankincense – 7 drops in 10ml carrier
  • Lavender – 7 drops in 10ml carrier
  • Rose – 5 drops in 10ml carrier (Drinking Rose tea can be very cooling too)
  • Sandalwood – 5 drops in 10ml carrier
  • Vetiver – 2 drops in 10ml carrier

Lavender 5 drops, Eucalyptus 3 drops, Vetiver 1 drop – Mix in 10ml carrier oil – Jojoba or Sunflower oil

DISCLAIMER – If you are pregnant use an alternative oil. All of the information here is just my suggestions, this is NOT medical or medicinal advice, always check with your medical practitioner first especially if you are on medication. And always take care when using essential oils, keep away from children and animals. Remember to always dilute your essential oils and I only recommend you use them topically.

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IMAGE CREDIT for main image thanks to Tara Winstead PEXELS