Essential oils for Period Pain & Hormonal Emotions

I recently used Chamomile to ease severe unexpected period pains IT WORKED – FAST AND EFFECTIVELY!!

A few weeks ago I had a really bad period pain cramps attack, it came on suddenly and HARD, it was excruciating.

This used to happen to me regularly especially after times of hight stress, but I have not had an episode like it for many years now and this floored me, literally!

The pain was so bad my only sanctuary was writhing on the cold bathroom floor! I pulled a full whitey, the pain felt like actual contractions, I was in a cold sweat with agonising panic, thinking HOW in the world am I going to get on my bike and cycle to teach a baby massage class in just 30 minutes time?!

Suddenly a wise voice in my mind bellowed TRY CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL NOW! Of course! Roman Chamomile essential oil with its incredible pain reducing chemicals was the perfect contender to help ease this attack of spasmodic pain.

Roman Chamomile essential oil
is anti spasmodic so it is a really really useful oil to use to reduce not just period pain, it can help with any kind of pain like tummy ache, leg cramps, back pain or even chronic pain like with arthritic pain. 

working with Roman Chamomile essential oil

Using Roman Chamomile essential oil topically would also help calm my nervous system down gently and effectively without side effects, unlike a paracetamol or ibuprofen (which I was equally ready to take if this oil didn’t work quickly enough!)

So without holding out much hope I dragged myself up off that hard cold bathroom floor and managed to mix 2 drops of my Roman Chamomile essential oil in with some soothing Happy Skin Cream in the palm of my hand. I massaged it over my whole tummy and gently over spasming womb, then over my lower back and spine.

Then I waited, and within 2 minutes! BOOM! Yes that quick – I felt a change, I felt my whole body soften, pain spasms easing, my agitation reducing, brilliant! So I applied a second dose and the cramps, pain and my panic had gone in 20 mins! Much to my surprise and disbelief I was able to hop on my bike and happily go to teach baby my massage class.

Massage a few drops of Chamomile in a base oil or cream over tummy and lower back to ease period pain

Roman Chamomile to ease period cramps

This experience proved to me the gentle powerfulness of using Roman Chamomile essential oil to help reduce all kinds of pain, especially when caused my muscle spasm, so Chamomile would be great too help reduce leg cramps too.

There are two other essential oils that can also help reduce cramps, these are Lavender and Clary sage (I talk more about these and other oils to help balance hormones below), these wonderful plant remedies really do help to stop muscle spasms quickly, they naturally calm anxiety, agitation and pain, and all three help to ease negative over thinking that can come with chronic pain.

In conclusion – Roman Chamomile essential oils made a brilliant natural effective remedy to help me with healing my upset womb & ovaries and to calm pain of my period in the moment it was happening.

Using Roman Chamomile or Clary Sage or Lavender essential oil topically on your skin the week before your period works as a pain preventive remedy, they will help reduce cortisol build up and to ease that hormone disrupted sleep and therefore lessen emotional stress and brain fog you get at this time.

If you do not have periods to follow you can work with the moon’s cycle, think of full moon as day 14 of your cycle the peak and ovulation – I do this sometimes and when I remember to do it it works!

To get bespoke help for your hormone health whatever life stage you are at, you can book a one to one Holistic Wellbeing Consultation with me here.

PMS & Period Pain

Premenstrual Symptoms can generally happen because there are too many inflammation markers in the body. This can be caused by emotional, physical and biological stress weeks or even months before your period. These hormones build up slowly unlike adrenaline. And they can influence production of prostaglandins cells, which when more abundant can cause more pain.

Your nervous system is challenged when hormones drop before your period and during transition to menopause, causing a feeling of unease and anxiety. You could try using Chamomile to gently nurture you, helping you feel comforted and safe to feel less anxious and teary, helping you wind down and get better sleep.
(NOTE – You can use German Chamomile, but Roman is slightly better for easing pain quickly, I would use German for skin irritation issues).

Regularly using essential oils either topically and/or inhaled has a beneficial accumulative effect at reducing inflammation in the body and they help build more resilience into your nervous system. Meaning you can cope better with your level of stress.

Diet & Lifestyle

It can help to actively lower activities, appointments and social activity the week before your period, your nervous system will thank you.

Drink Chamomile, Ginger, Liquorice or Motherwort tea (or combine them all!)
Consider taking a good quality magnesium combined with B6 is brilliant each evening. Magnesium helps the body to mop up used hormones circulating in the blood, reducing biological stress and taking the pressure off the liver. It also reduces muscle cramps so take if you are getting leg or tummy cramps.

Try to reduce carbs and aim for more protein and fibre the week before your period. Progesterone will slow your gut mobility down, hence bloating and constipation that can occurs before your period.

You can try reducing carbs from around day 14 or the day you feel your energy and mood suddenly dip. (this is when your oestrogen and testosterone drops allowing progesterone the nesting hormone to enter)

You might notice you suddenly feel less sociable and cant be bothered to the effort to go out, now is the time in your cycle to declutter and take on deeper more detailed tasks.

 For acute pain apply the diluted essential oils locally, you can also try a warm compress

Essential oils to quickly reduce pain

Below are some other essential oils (in order of best effect) to help ease period pain and bring balance your hormones where ever you are in you life – teen to beyond menopause.

I recommend working with one oil at a time so you can see how it makes you feel, try different times of day and different methods of delivery so you can work out what the best is for you.

Take care to…

Always use essential oils carefully and with caution, never use neat on the skin, do not use on broken skin, do not ingest, keep away from pets, babies, young children and store away from heat and direct sunlight. always patch test first before full use if using on the skin.

How to use the essential oils

• For a quick fix simply smell from the bottle!
• Always dilute and never ingest
• Add a few drops to a diffuser, use in 10 minute bursts
• Make a massage oil blend using a cold pressed oil like Apricot Kernel or fractionated Coconut is good for rollers. If you put it in a roller you you can take it around with you and when you need (I can make you a bespoke roller see below)
• For acute pain apply locally, you can also try a warm compress
• To prevent PMT generally and maintain better hormonal balance massage your oil or blend over abdomen, lower back, ankles, inner lower arms and wrists nightly the week before your period.
• For headaches use when you need – massage on forehead, neck, shoulders, chest, inner wrists
• To ease bloating massage over tummy and inner thighs.

Roman chamomile bespoke aromatherapy pulse point rollers

(Note all of the oils below can be used postpartum and if breastfeeding)

Clary sage essential oil
– 6 drops in 10ml base
Balance oestrogen & progesterone levels, anti spasmodic, I like to think of ‘sage to calm the rage!’ Clary sage can soothe an agitated fight or flight nervous system state.

Lavender essential oil
– 6 drops in 10ml base
Brilliant to help switch off pain receptors, reduce reaction to paid, anti-spasmodic, help with continuous pain and chronic pain, calms nervous system, encourages body and mind to relax and let go.

Geranium essential oil
– 5 drops in 10ml base
Brilliant to calm the nervous system especially those feeling of irritation towards others and self! It hydrates the body cells including skin all cells, hormone regulator supports live and kidneys, xenoestrogens, detoxed by liver

Rose essential oil
– 4 drops in 10ml base
All round hormone balancer, increases feelings of self acceptance. Ease cramps in stomach or legs because its antispasmodic, cools hot flushes and reduces sweating, ease low mood.

Jasmine essential oil
– 3 to 4 drops in 10ml base
Helps balance testosterone, soothes mood swings, bloating, acne. Warms, comforts, enhances feeling of connection, reduces repetitive and negative though patterns.

Orange essential oil (Tangerine/Mandarin oil can be subsitiuted)
– 5 drops in 10ml base
Reduces negative thoughts and eases worry, quickly uplifting and calming for mood, eases bloating and aids digestion

Grapefruit essential oil
– 5 drops in 10ml base
Supports the liver to remove used hormones, helps detox, ease water retention, bloating, uplifting and helps mood shift quickly

Ylang Ylang essential oil
– 3 to 4 drops in 10ml base
Brilliant for bedtime and to ease that ‘mardy moodiness’, lifts up low hormonal mood. feeling down, hopeless, overwhelmed this can soothe a stuck/frozen nervous system state, connecting to our olfactory to positively effect mood, reduces cramps.

Peppermint essential oil
– 2 drops in 10ml base
Cooling, ease hormonal headache, melt away upper body tension. Will ease brain fog and reduce sluggishness of mind and body. Quickly uplifting, awakens the mind, helps ease blood sugar dips and sugar cravings

Basil essential oil
– 3 drops in 10ml base
Balances cortisol, adaptogen, ease headaches, inflammation, increases liver function, can help reduce blood sugar spikes and cravings.

Cypress essential oil
– 5 drops in 10ml base
Reduces fluid retention by helping body in exchange of fluid. Supports vascular system and circulation in body, eases cramps, moves stagnation.

Essential oil bends to ease PMT + balance hormones

Ease irritability, overwhelm, reduce bloating
4 drops of Orange, 3 Lavender, 2 Cypress, 2 Geranium – 10ml base

Immediate pain relief for daytime
2 drops of Chamomile, 2 Grapefruit, 1 Peppermint, 1 Basil, 1 Ginger – 10ml base

Evening time relief and deep sleep
3 drops of Clary sage, 3 Lavender, 2 Chamomile, 1 Ylang Ylang or Jasmine – 10ml base

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Main illustration created by me, Suzie

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